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Every CV must include personal details, by which to contact the you, the applicant. Please make sure your CV is secure by following our CV Security process. The basics are:

  • Name: full name that you are known by. Middle names are optional
  • Address: ideally give one address. If this isn’t possible, such as when you are moving, provide clear dates for when you can be contacted at each.
  • Phone number: we recommend in our CV Security process that you purchase a Pay As You Go mobile. Always include dialling codes, and make it easy to read – e.g. 0844 884 2825, not 08448842825
  • Email address:  never use your work eMail address. Give only one address and check it makes the right professional impression – if it makes your friends laugh, it’s not appropriate! Use something you can access from home/the office/an internet cafe
  • Date of birth/age: under various pieces of UK legislation, this is no longer necessary. However, as your age will become apparent at some point, if you do decide to include these details make sure you only insert month and year at maximum
  • Gender/marital status/health: under various pieces of UK legislation, this is no longer necessary.


Including your nationality is optional. However, it can be a useful way to clarify your eligibility to work in the UK/another country.

You could also use this section to briefly clarify whether you have a work visa for the UK and whether it is for a fixed period or unlimited.  Alternatively, this information could be included in your Cover Letter.

If you do not have a right to work in the UK, and choose to omit this information, you may still be screened out of the application process at a later date if the employer does not apply for work permits.

Good Luck!

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