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This is surprisingly one of the most asked questions of CV Writing – should I include a picture of myself on my CV? The answer is normally no – its a possible reason for rejection – but here is some clarity on the why and limited case of when:

Jayne asks: Do I have to include a picture of myself in my cv , and if so is it like a passport picture, and can I smile?

In answer:

A couple of questions for clarity:

  1. Does the job advert ask for it?
  2. Is it an arts or media based job?
  3. Are you better looking than Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie?
  4. Did you employ “the next David Bailey” to take the picture?

Unless the answer to all four of my questions is YES, then the answer to your question is NO: because pictures are another point on which you could be rejected.

Your goal in your application is to be seen as a candidate they want to pick up the telephone and call, so make sure you have all the skills they have asked for in the advert, with more than enough supporting evidence – a candidate+ as I like to call it, ie: one who fits the picture the employer has, with just enough more to know the risk of you not working out is very low.

If the answer is yes to the above four questions, then the key is getting the right photographer. Don’t use a phonebook or Google search to find one, but ask a friend in the same market sector or the recruiter/agent handling your work.

Good Luck!

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