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A skills section is included in a skills based / functional and combination CV. Or, you could include an “Additional key skills” section in any CV.

Check that the skills you have listed reflect those the employer is looking for, and ensure you have included your transferable skills.

Back up your skills with evidence. Think SAR – anyone can claim they have excellent team management skills!

  • Avoid “I have excellent time management skills.”
  • Use “Developed excellent time management skills when combining my second year studies with part-time work, and organising a fundraising event for a local charity.”

Additional key skills

This section can be useful for an employer to see what else you can offer. 

Additional key skills could be grouped into sub-sections – eg “IT skills”, or “Technical skills” – or put into one list. Typical examples include:

  • IT skills: if you don’t know how to operate the Microsoft suite 
    State packages, programs and platforms used. Indicate your level of competency.
  • Languages: list all, along with your level or written / verbal comprehension. Be honest – if you only hold a GCSE, and have not practised it since then, don’t include it here!
  • Driving licence: relevant to many jobs.

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