CV Writing: toasters?

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 - CV Writing, tutorial

CV Writing: toasters?

new toaster

What always surprises me when reviewing Professional CV’s – either as a recruiter or from candidate inputs to our free CV Review service – is how when people are CV Writing, they don’t consider how they are presenting themselves. If they considered how they would buy toasters, then perhaps they would make more progress in creating a compelling CV?

When you go to buy something for your home – lets for the sake of this debate choose toasters – what do you consider first? Some will start with looks, some with function, or some with the good/bad experience they have just left smouldering in the kitchen. But eventually, you end up with a specification for the “ideal” toaster.

CV Writing: what do employers buy?

This is where the marketing spin of the product manufacturers comes in. As much as though they don’t know you personally, they do know the top five reasons people buy toasters, and the top five reasons why consumers buy their toaster. These then are listed in order, and often have a tick by them: you want easy clean, tick – we do easy clean.

Now that you know by looking at the toasters on display in the shop that these have all the functions you require, then you will want to handle them. Do they look and feel right, or is it all function or all show? The individual combination you seek will be wholly individual to you, but – eventually you get down to two or three you really like. And then you buy one.

CV Writing: what are you offering/selling?

A CV is a focused and factually based sales document – pure and simple, no more and no less. It is written to get you a job interview: again, no more and no less.

So, when you read a job advert, do you think:

  • Tick – I have the core Skills, Qualifications and Experiences to do this job? Because that’s the first question in a recruiters or employers mindset
  • Do I make it easy for the employer to find that I conform to their specification requirements? As the employer has spent 100+ hours and around £1000 in direct costs and advertising, just sending in a CV won’t do. Writing a Cover Letter with a “you want, I offer” list confirms your capability to do the job
  • Do you add in something about yourself? How you approach tasks, what you consider important results, how you prioritise things? You mange money, manpower materials and time, so how do you prioritise those?

CV Writing: you are not a toaster!

You are not a toaster, but if:

  • You don’t position yourself
  • Your don’t sell yourself
  • Or you don’t tell employers what they want to hear

Don’t expect them to treat you much more than the office toaster which needs replacement.

Good Luck!


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