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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 - Blog

Amanda asks: It seems like every online job site offers some kind of résumé-writing service to subscribers (for a fee, of course). What are your thoughts about going with one of those sites vs. using a smaller, direct writing/design service? Recruiters – have you seen any difference in quality? Job-seekers – do you have a preference?

In answer:
Firstly, its your CV/Resume – who ever writes it, its yours.

Secondly, depends on which job you are applying for and what your route is to that job. If the job is direct, then you need a CV/Resume prepared for that job; if its via an agency or head hunter, then they will write/rewrite it for you, under the explaination they can improve your chances because they know what the client is looking for.

Thirdly, depends on how long you have been in your last position. If you have been there a long time, then a review with an independent professional will get your CV/Resume in the right shape quicker (you may not recognise your own skills; you probably won’t know what’s required in the marketplace), than you could on your own.

Finally – depends on how well you can write!

Personally, as a business owner who has a CV/Resume writing service and who runs a separate Agency, I would always carry a general CV which fairly in your own view reflects your skills, capabilities and what you want to do next. The original question was posed as where would you get your CV/Resume written – the better question would be how do you manage your career, and that then answers where you get your CV/Resume written

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