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Video CV

If you read the latest marketing stuff on CV‘s and Resumes, particularly from those selling VideoCV’s or standard eFormat Resumes, then you have to have one of these new formats as opposed to an old piece of paper.

The thinking goes that…..

  • You stand out from the crowd
  • Your skills can be presented in a way which makes you stand out OR that means all your skills are fairly assessed
  • That Recruiters and HR people get board looking at piles of CV’s and Resumes, so could miss your skills

So, these new formats solve all of your problems in one foul swoop – hey hey, job success.

Well, here’s a thought……

  1. Not every one is great at video, and most have never had a presenting lesson on their life
  2. Most of the formats offered require that you and the Recruiter/HR team have an account on that platform. Your’s as a candidate is often free, while ours is often paid before viewing, or worse subscription based – either after a limited free trial! So, how am I going to see your wondrous CV/Resume UNLESS I am registered? And with so many competing platforms, how am I going to pay all those registration fee’s? What about the fact my corporate systems supervisor may have just blocked that platform because it is pure spam, or full or viruses?
  3. Every recruiter I know has a computer based CRM system. This catalogues you, and has a facility to scan in your CV/Resume. This CRM system then, when I type in the core skills of a new job I am placing, scans all the people in our dBase – yes, even the scanned CV/Resume – and pulls up those that meet the basic criteria. My large pile of applicants is hence down to a reasonable pile; a bit of human reading and I am down to say 10 great candidates in less than an hour.

Unless you are aiming for a position in the arts, or TV News, or something similar – then Video CV’s/Resumes don’t make sence. “Why do I need this hassle” is the obvious question?

Secondly, the standard formats sell something that my existing technology over comes. Honest, none of us could cope with even the paperwork for 1,000 candidates in our offices – and we have nearly 10,000 on the dBase

And thirdly, it is still the words and your skills which will get you past the initial paper sift: nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t have the basic skills, then you won’t get the job. Read the advert or the companies annual report to know what those are

If you really still believe in Video CV’s and eFormat Resumes, then take a look at the superb musical themed
Mitchell, Canada (121976) application for the self-titled “best job in the world.” Great thought the application is, he didn’t get the job – he didn’t even make the last16!

Good luck – and don’t fall for those new formats, without going back to the basics

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One Response to “CV/Resumes – new technology v old tricks”

  1. Zako Media Says:

    I think the goal for any applicant is to get that interview. The more information you offer (video, audio, photographs, complete family history) the more potential pitfalls you offer before they’ve even spoken to you.

    Keep to the traditional basics and leave things to make the reviewer want to contact you. The interview is when you have the chance to shine.

    (Delete if you disagree Ian)

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