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Friday, January 2nd, 2009 - Article, CV Template, CV Writing, tutorial

CV Typing Service

CV Typing Service versus Professional CV Writers – the difference shown!

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When I found this example at Yahoo! Answers, I thought that rather than trying to explain the difference between a CV typing service and a professional CV writing service like, this shows what you should expect:

Jay Jay asks: I am updating a CV for a client who has had a full work history. How many years should I go back and should I make reference to the earlier years of employment? I know that CVs are not to be any more than 2 pages nowadays. Any suggestions would be most helpful.

One of her responders Cari says:

Just curious, why is this person your “client” – i.e. paying you to write/edit/whatever their CV – if you don’t know the answer to questions such as this?

To which Jay Jay’s reply is:

In answer to Cari’s question: I’m merely typing up her manuscript but the way she was describing what she had written sounded as though she had a lot of information. I’m aware that the format of CVs have changed over the years and I have found up to date templates but I was unsure if the “10 year rule” still applied which is why the question was asked in the first place!

Hmm – so not only is she using Yahoo! Answers to ask what should be fairly simple CV questions within her grasp of the service she offers her clients, but she also uses CV Templates!

I will be quite open here, and say that we do on occasions answer the odd question on some social network forms, including LinkedIn and Yahoo! Answers. We consider it part of the marketing of the service and professional difference of to try and guide candidates towards creating a better CV – hopefully, by employing us having seen the difference a paid-for professional service can offer. In fact, so good at answering questions at Yahoo! Answers have we been, that we have been banned from answering questions there on more than one occasion – oh well, their loss!

If you employ a typing service, then please make sure that you know what you have bought – a typing service, not professional CV Writing.

Good Luck!

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