Should I state on my CV that I have diabetes?

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 - CV Writing, health

Mark asks: Should I state on my CV that I have diabetes? Would this increase or decrease my cases of finding a job in the current economical state this country is in?

In answer:

In summary no, unless:

  • having diabetes excludes you from some part of the work
  • having diabetes is relevant to the job being applied for

You legally don’t need to insert any medical conditions in a CV, although would have to declare them on an employer provided job application form. If you were disabled, then declaring that upfront means the employer can not exclude you for that reason in the vetting process for the job.

If your diabetes – type 1 or 2 – is under control, then don’t declare it. If you have a series of medical tests or procedures upcoming, then be practical about when you apply for work – no many employers will engage someone who will not be available for the next six months.

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Should I state on my CV that I have diabetes?”

  1. Nigel Grainger Says:

    If the job you are applying for involves driving, especially if that is driving commercial vehicles you should mention it to your potential employer.
    You should also notify DVLA as it may affect your driving licence.

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