Do Brunettes get better jobs?

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Interview Dress Code

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One of the most asked question with regards interviews is “how should I dress?”

After reading the story found by Jim Stroud that more American women were getting bigger breasts to impress potential new bosses in the credit crunch, I thought some alternate input was required. So I asked my friend Sarah Arrow, an ex-HR manager and now Communications Director of her family firm Arrow Light Haulage, if I could re-post an excellent piece from her Essex Life blog about hair colour:

Do Brunettes get better jobs?

Superdrug recently commissioned some research on how the recession was affecting peoples beauty purchases. One of the interesting finds to come from the research was about hair colour.

The current economic climate is obviously making women take more care with their appearance at work, even down to their hair colour.

Dan Hadley is quoted as saying ‘The study shows brunettes do seem to be taken more seriously in the work place which is causing a rise in fair headed women darkening their locks. It’s incredible how changing your hair colour can alter people’s perception of you as well as making you feel more confident too.’  and he is the man that commissioned the research.

So the stats from the research…

  • 62% think Brunettes look more professional in the workplace
  • 31% of Blondes have gone Brunette in order to appear more intelligent
  • 38% of Blondes believe their hair colour has held them back in their career

The survey encompassed 2,500 woman and out of them 25% gained a promotion after recently dying their hair. 38% found they were taken more seriously by their boss.

Is it really image? Is it a question of cost instead? if you are brunette, is it the saving £40-50 per month to maintain your blonde locks? or confidence and more chance of keeping your job?

As someone who colours her hair on a whim, I thought back to my hair colours when I got promoted and pay rises. As a redhead I did the best four promotions and several hefty rises in one job, and as a Brunette I always got the job. As a Blonde I only ever worked behind the bar…. but as the boss.

Personally when employing someone, I look to see that they are tidy and if they dye their hair are their roots done? and that’s more of a personal thing rather than influencing me on a job outcome!

Whilst many women feel that the right colour hair makes them feel confident I seriously doubt whether brunettes get more jobs than blondes or vice versa. It’s a combination of the right person, with the right skills in the right place rather than the colour of your hair. If it isnt then its just another form of discrimination, and I personally won’t be taking part in that or encouraging companies to.

Sarah Arrow

Sarah is a former recruitment manager. She is Communications Director for transport company Arrow Light Haulage based in Essex, the home of many, many natural blondes…

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One Response to “Do Brunettes get better jobs?”

  1. Emma Ewers Says:

    Great post Sarah, I’ve always struggled with my hair (naturally black) as I started to prematurely go grey at age 10!! Keeping up the hair dye routine is annoying but at 31 I am not ready to join the blue rinse brigade just yet!!
    I have kept my hair drak brown/reddish ever since and can honestly say I always got the job at interviews and promotions too! Maybe there is something in it?

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