Do employers always check qualifications?

Monday, February 9th, 2009 - Job Application, Qualifications

Qualifications Check

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Jordan asks: Do employers always check if you have taken gcse’s when they requested you need them in there advert? I’m 19 years old and didn’t take my GCSE’s in high school. I have an interview for an apprenticeship in a few days that I have had my heart set on, but the advert said “must have an educational background.” I have very good literacy & numeracy skills, just not the pieces of paper to back it up. What is the likelihood of them being checked if I was to put on my CV:

  • maths – c
  • english – c
  • science – c

Please help :-(

In answer:

Never, ever, ever lie on your CV. It is not only illegal on your Job Application form which you will need to complete to get the position, it is also worse to be found out.

Employers state they want qualifications as a benchmarking system for such starter jobs, where as for more experienced positions it could be for reasons of health and safety, insurance or productivity. But in starter jobs they are also looking for commitment, and enthusiasm. If you can prove yourself in other ways, then they may favour you more highly then others with the ‘right’ qualifications.

The term “Educational background” would mean the list schools and colleges you attended, along with exams passed and any professional qualifications attained. The wording of the advertisement would indicate either that you need stated qualifications or that qualifications are not essential, just that you received a formal education. If its the former, you would be asked to produce certificates at the interview stage.

Rather than lie, why write them a letter to prove your literacy? Explain your enthusiasm for the job, why you didn’t take your GCSE’s, and then offer to show them your skills and capabilities, perhaps via a written or practical test? Many apprenticeships and employers don’t trust GCSE’s as a standard benchmark, and so will have some form of formal numeracy, literacy and practical test.

Just because you have got the qualifications doesn’t mean you can’t get the job, but better to make a calculated approach over a lie that could later get you sacked.

Good Luck!


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