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Zulkifly asks: Peoples without a university degree is less successful compare to those who has it?

In answer:
Success is a measure of achievement against a goal – much like the equally literally abused use, particularly in vehicle and product advertising, of the word “quality:” its conformance to specification NOT and an implied betterness.

Hence, no – either can successfully succeed against their own defined goal: it just depends on what the goal is.

If you mean by success monetary income, then that is a defined goal – and each can be equally rich, as can be seen from the Forbes or in-country measurements like the Sunday Times Rich List.

However, here’s a thought. One of my favourite speakers is former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom Raymond Seitz, who lectures only with one slide in his most common presentation. This is a piece of paper with a set of graph tables on it,. and a singular line going from source at a 45degree angle to the top. Seitz in his one hour lecture talks about achievement and success, and use the slide numerous times. But most often he quotes a UN study which shows that the ability to feed, cloth, sustain and achieve for yourself and your family over the longest possible life span is determined by one thing – education. The higher up you go on the education ladder, the more likely you are to be able to live longer and avoid poverty. The bachelors degree is the measured level where 9/10 people will not end up in poverty, or die before the age of 65.

So in summary, success is an individual determinant against a goal. You stand an equal chance of accumulating wealth whether you choose to take a degree or not – but statistically your life span will most likely be extended and your ability to avoid poverty greatest through a degree level of education.

Good Luck!

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