Do I put a temp position in my CV/Resume?

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 - curriculum vitae, CV Writing, graduate cv, Job Application, resume writing

Kathleen asks: I was hired for a contracted writing position that lasted only a few weeks. Do I list that under the employment section of my resume, or should I list that under skills/other activities? It is my only contracted position.

In answer:
Bearing in mind that you don’t lie on a CV/Resume, your CV/Resume is not supposed to be a list of every single job you have ever done. It’s purpose is to include enough information to be invited for an interview. Answering the following questions should help you:

– Are you proud of this job?
– Do you think the work you did on this contract demonstrates your value as an employee in your chosen field?
– Did you learn things you would not otherwise have known?
– Do you have any other contract work you can group together?
– Will it add value to your CV/Resume?

If you are a new graduate, it may be helpful to use anything you can leverage. However, you should still try to keep your CV/Resume focused to your career goal. Basically, if your goal is to be a writer, include it – say that it was a short-term contract assignment to explain the dates, listing your learnings and accomplishments on this job. If your goal is to be an accountant, it may not be applicable.

Good Luck!

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