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Monday, July 18th, 2011 - Dominos Jobs

Domino’s Jobs

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Its that time of year again, when the UK’s student population apply for summer jobs. So we’ll be running a series of articles on answering summer job applications, starting this series with a typical fast food job application for Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza: background

Domino’s was founded in 1960, and is head quartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the United States. Its presently has some 9,000 outlets across 60 countries, serving pizza alongside both Ben & Jerrys ice cream and the whole corporate range of Coca Cola products. Domino’s was bought by Bain Capital in 1998, but returned to the NYSE in 2004 under the ticker DPZ.

Domino’s UK is based in Milton Keynes, with UK corporate operations also located in Penrith and Naas, Ireland. The company opened its first UK store in 1985, and now has over 20,000 team members  operating through 660 mainly franchise owned outlets: and that’s your first and second clues to employment in Dominos Jobs – team and franchise.

Domino’s Jobs UK

Lets see how this works, and how best to apply for a Dominos Job, by answering this real job seekers question:

Chris asks: I have a job interview at Domino’s Pizza tomorrow. It’s my first proper job interview. I’m unsure on what question they’re going to ask me, anyone had any past experiences? Also, what should I wear? Is there any documentation I should take? National insurance card? I handed my CV in today, so obviously they have one, but should I take another one just in case?

Firstly, its would seem that you have read their UK Dominos Jobs website, and noticed that the jobs split into two forms: in-store, which are mainly franchise; and corporate. Domino’s themselves suggest that you apply directly to store to in-store jobs, while they list corporate jobs on their website.

But if that’s all you read from tha page, then you are missing clues to employment. At the tope of that page, it says:

A Domino’s store is the nerve centre of a time critical food delivery service where a team of passionate people aim to deliver a hot and fresh pizza on time, every time. Delivering a made-to-order pizza within 30 minutes or so is a pretty tall order! If you consider that our ingredients are fresh, you can see why they call us the pizza delivery experts. Through world-class training programmes, competitive pay rates and great incentives, we encourage our people to develop their talents and release their potential. Our team members get to hear internationally-renowned motivational speakers and trainers, attend rallies in different parts of the world, win fantastic awards and some even go on to buy their own Domino’s franchise.

So from this you have the required skills, qualifications and experiences as:

  • Time critical: on time, every time!
  • Team operations
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Training programme
  • Develop talents, release potential
  • Win rewards, and competitive pay with incentives

The next piece highlights in-store jobs:

Would you like to represent the Domino’s brand and image to customers; be part of a winning team delivering convenience, courtesy and a great meal to our customers? Many Domino’s stores are Franchise owned. To find if a store has a vacancy, please contact the store directly. Vacancies can vary from Store Managers to Pizza Delivery Experts to Customer Service Representatives.

Again, extracting the required SQE gives us:

  • Represent brand and image
  • Team work
  • Convenience and courtesy

If so, then apply in-store!

How to apply for Domino’s Jobs

So, here is how I would go about applying for a Dominos Jobs:

  1. Do you have existing food retail experience? Don’t worry if you don’t, but it will give you an edge
  2. Do you have any friends who currently work at Domino’s Pizza? Ask around, ask friends. Existing employees making recommendations will makes you an internal job applicant with a resultant higher rate of jobs success. Again, don’t worry if you don’t
  3. Decide which area that you wish to work in. Then go you either the companies own website or, and tap in a search for Domino’s Pizza. This will give you a list of local stores
  4. Pick the nearest one, and order your favourite pizza! Write down why you picked this pizza and side orders, and what your experience was from the time or ordering to when you complete your meal. Keep the receipt
  5. Start creating your CV and focus on your personal elevator pitch. Like most fast food outlets, Dominos don’t employ most based on qualification, its system is based on attitude and training. So your CV has to show the right attitude and application.
  6. The key SQE are (in order): represent the brand through on time presentation; team work and team operations; courtesy and personal presentation; training and development, leading to… ; develop talents, release potential, resulting in… ; win rewards, and competitive pay with incentives
  7. Create CV Stories around each of these SQE: where have you shown these competencies?
  8. Having created your Professional CV, now phone each shop on your list and ask to speak to the manager. Explain that you are enthusiastic to start a career with Domino’s having read their website, wondered if you could come and meet them? Then stop – let them either explain that they presently have no vacancies, or when they could meet you. If they have no vacancies at present, then ask when they are likely too? Don’t just send in your CV, call back a few days before they said they would have a vacancy
  9. On the night before your meeting with the shop manager – actually, a job interview – layout your clean clothes, and make sure that you have a spare copy of your CV. Now check the times of your travel, and make sure that you can arrive with at least 15mins to spare: you don’t want to be late!
  10. When you arrive, introduce yourself. Don’t say yes to any food they offer you – explain that you you had a good breakfast, but might eat something afterwards – but do say yes to something to drink
  11. During your interview, showcase your capability against the defined SQE. Say that as part of your job application that you ordered a pizza from a Dominos store, and wrote down your experiences
  12. During the interview, stress that you like Dominos not only for the food, but also the opportunity to develop within the job through their world class training systems. You want to get on some of those foreign travel trips!
  13. At the end of the interview, what ever the result, ask for feedback! Often with interviews at fastfood outlets, there is a third option: not yet, you are on a waiting list. Ask how often you should call back?
  14. If you get the job, congratulations, make sure that you agree your start date and training

Like many fast food and food retail jobs, I think Domino’s offer an excellent start in a career, which will base train you in principles of customer service which should last you a lifetime – Good Luck!


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