Don’t pay to get a job!

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Job Scammed!

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In these difficult economic times, it seems that there are a number of scamers and thieves around who are not only happy, but more than willing to extract cash from unsuspecting job seekers.

What we have noticed on both the recruiting side as well as the Professional CV side of the business, is a lot of people on the jobs market who may not have been seeking work for at least a decade, sometimes 20years of more.

Unaware of new or even current job search trends, they fall for two problems:

  • They accept and swallow a lot of generic advice. Much of this advice is found on the internet, and much of the internet based advice is American in source. Now American’s are nice folks, but they are America and this is the UK, and its different here. The biggest difference in the job seekers market is….
  • That in almost every case, job seekers don’t pay recruiters to get them jobs! In the United States there are Outplacement Services (paid for by the job seeker in the USA, paid for by the employer in the UK; there are some upmarket UK Executive Search firms which offer such a service to plc company Directors); CV Distribution services (sending out by fax new job seekers details, paid for in the USA at around $150/month; there are a couple of CV distributing services in the UK, but honestly – it ain’t worth it)

Now, there is, because we speak the same “language,” a natural transference of business models from the USA to the UK. Hence even though you may not need to pay for these services, you can if you wish with a series of legitimate companies.

Consulting Job Scam:

However, the true scam appearing in this recession – apart from job seekers leaving too much personal data on their CV’s – is that of generic consulting websites and firms.

The model is pretty simple:

  • It is aimed at the 40+ job seeker, who is probably finding it difficult to find work
  • The job seeker has a high amount of skill, and is wondering why they can’t find a job, use their skill or maintain a reasonable level of income, all at the same time?
  • The website or service promises an assured level of income, often stating figures in excess of £1000 per day, and annualised income of £60,000

Now comes the catch. To join the company or become a regsitered consultant, you either need to be approved by undertaking some background checks, or must undertake some induction training. Normally the former costs around £100, the latter I have seen charged out at between £1000 and £5000. In either case, you are normally given assurances that the fee will be earned back in less than 30day/first job.

After 3/6 months, most of the people who registered for these companies have had no work, or little work after complaining of a lack of work.

How to avoid getting job scammed:

The first trick is to be aware that payment up front is not a bad practise, if you know what/who you are buying; it is just that even if you know that, in recruitment it is very, very rare.

Simply therefore, before handing over your cash, ask to speak to existing customers or members of the consultancy team. If necessary, provide a copy of the questions you want to ask: did the sales pitch match the actual income; how long did it take them to earn an income of promised level (eg – £1000/week); what additional/unknown costs were there; if a friend of theirs was thinking of joining, would they recommend the company to them?

Personally speaking…..
As a lover of the internet, I think too many people are too enamoured by the click to buy culture.

In olden days, everyone knew the town butcher, and if he did it wrong everyone knew about it by the end of the day. Now you can establish a business in minutes and be trading that day. But people are still the key to delivery

As a ex-telephone engineer, I have a horrible habit of picking up the phone and talking to people. As a recruiter, I also love doing background checks on people. I picked up the phone yesterday to two people I had never talked to, neither of whom I had telephone numbers for, and within 5mins of starting my search knew what both did, their titles and their direct telephone numbers.

If only more people picked up the phone and made the human connection through reasonable questions, over clicking and being disappointed at best, or scammed at worst!

If you want to talk to us about your Professional CV, or any aspect of the world of recruitment you are confused about, then please call us on: 0844 884 2825

Good Luck!

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