Is the Duke of Edinburgh award a qualification?

Monday, January 28th, 2008 - Article, CV Writing, Qualifications


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Harry asks: could one claim on a CV or UCAS form, that having passed a Duke Of Edinburgh Award – is a ‘Vocational Qualification’?

In answer:

Yes it is a qualification, and in actual fact from experience to an employer it is more than a qualification: it’s a statement of commitment and community.

It takes around two years+ to gain, and is only open to those under the age of 21. That outside of formal qualifications is a large commitment of time, energy, concentration and commitment, to some body of such a young age.

So please do include it in you application, and as suggested insert under vocational qualifications.

Good Luck!

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One Response to “Is the Duke of Edinburgh award a qualification?”

  1. Cate Beattie Says:

    Can schools claim league table points for Bronze DoE at Level 1? (approx 25 points?) thanks – Cate

    From this explanation of the points calculation in The Times, the answer would appear to be NO!

    The key issue for an employer is relevancy of qualification. So, would it be relevant for financial trading – no; would it be relevant to show that a school leaver did something active – yes. With school and college leavers, it is always important to show as much character/engagement with others in a team environment, as it is relevant experience on a CV: the employer is buying long capability as well as immediate skills. However, this advice is then often squandered into a long list of “and I enjoys” or make-up lists of activities to show activity/engagement. Against these, the DoE looks like a more serious engagement/choice, and can be background checked – at what ever level it is so far attained.

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