Elevator Pitch

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Elevator Pitch

You may not have heard of it before, but I know from the results we see through our Professional CV service, that creating an Elevator Pitch is the most important step you can take in CV Writing or winning your Job Search. Why? What if you had a statement – known as an Elevator Pitch, or a Lift Pitch – that communicated to your target prospective employer what your skills and capabilities are, and why you are suitable for that position? It would be an instant answer to the Job Interview questions of “Tell me about yourself?” It would also allow you to quickly:

  • Write your CV Personal Statement
  • How to write a Cover Letter
  • What to say in opening a conversation in a Telephone Interview

The second benefit is that the exercise of coming up with a succinct Elevator Pitch, would help you focus on your own strengths, and understand just what market you’re in, as well as how to sell yourself. If you had a statement like that, then you have an engaging piece of conversation you could expand on, which kept you and your capabilities (ie: personal brand) consistent throughout your entire job application. Hence simply, if you don’t have an elevator pitch, you won’t get hired: because you couldn’t sell yourself, or keep your brand consistent through the job application process.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

The term Elevator Pitch originally comes from the home of US advertising, New York. The idea is to be able to communicate to another “knowledgeable but not knowing of your product” person, in the time it takes to go up a one floor flight of elevators (aka Lift Pitch – three floors in a lift), the product or service and its features or benefits, so that at the end of the elevator pitch they know what the product or service does, the key benefits to them, and have enough interest to take action to learn more.

My offer to you…

As a result of seeing on a daily basis, too may people with too foggy and imprecise view of themselves, writing about “great team worker” or being “self motivated,” I wrote out a book that we use in the process for our clients to create a Professional CV for them. Together with a few other tactics we use, the book has proved very effective in turning job seekers into employees, simply through them understanding what they bring to a prospective employer. So, we have decided to offer the book out to the general public. We are quite happy to sell you the book, short though it is, for £9.97. But you could alternatively get it for free by signing into our Newsletter, where you will also get weekly tips on a better Job Search and hence get employed quicker.
The only reason I have agreed to give this away, is that this simple book seems to quickly change peoples lives. I hope you also find it useful.

Good Luck!


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