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Employment Dates

Don asks: I recently received advice that I should not list the dates of employment on my resume. That seems contrary to what I have always heard. Any opinions on this?

In answer:
It’s bad advice Don, and there is a lot of it going around re dates due to various pieces of age related legislation.

Most recruiters/HR professionals can’t legally and hence won’t ask for your age in your initial application, because of age discrimination. Some CV/resume writers hence suggest you leave off college dates, as clearly most can figure out that your were around a certain age at point of entry, and hence can figure out your date of birth.

However, most employment dates don’t give a direct indication of age – just that you did a certain job between a certain set of dates: and leaving them out suggests period of unemployment, which need explanation and hence a possible reason for exclusion.

Include your dates of employment, but use months and years only.

Good Luck!

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