What should I do if I cant remember my emplyment history?

Friday, December 12th, 2008 - CV Writing

Cathy asks: I am writing my CV, what should I do if I cant remember my emplyment history? I remember the place I worked and my jobs but I cannot remember the dates I worked at these places. I have been out of work for about 3 years due to traveling and then taking care of my daughter, and want to get back into the work force. I am finding it hard to write my CV and it’s a struggle trying to pinpoint dates!

In answer:

Employers are generally only interested in the last five year track record of employment, plus your educational level. Everything before that if you are having problems getting it on to two pages can be quickly summarised in a single paragraph or a few simple bullets.

Secondly, when you do insert dates, just use month and year, and nothing else. Also, no need to include birthday or school leaving/graduation date – from those I can age you, and hence not needed under age discrimination laws.

Many employers use checking services these days before they employ you. These check educational records and employment dates for a cost at around £30, so its hence a relative bargain. These services will check computer records and make a few phone calls, so why not do the same?

Eventually, for the key pieces of employment which match the potential employers requirements, you will be asked about when and why you joined, so make sure you get them right and your story consistent.

Good Luck!

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