Employment: How to spot a liar?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009 - CV Help, CV Tips, Job Application

Employment: How to spot a liar?


Sam, an unemployed job seekers, asks: Have you ever got a job because you lied on your CV?
In answer:
A supplemental question to you Sam: and when do you think you will get sacked/without notice, and possible sued/sent to jail?

Lying in your CV is not illegal, its when you are asked to transfer that same information to the employers job application form and assure its accuracy that you are breaking the civil law.

As a result – yes, even just bumping up an exam by a grade – you could be sacked instantly, without compensation and sued. If its for a job where the assurity of skill is a requirement of undertaking the job, or any government job, then you could be taken to court by the CPS and jailed.

Lying on your CV never works, and adds stress, which reduces your application to interview rate. Plus checking most people out these days can be done by a quick Google search or paying £25. Plus, there are nice legal tricks, such as covering up employment date gaps by using years only over months/years

If you think you have a CV problem, the easiest answer is to think about what the employer is looking for/would see your answer as, rather then getting yourself in deep trouble.

Good Luck!


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