Facebook: employment liability

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 - career management, Disciplinary Procedure, discipline, Employment

Facebook: employment liability

We are on Facebook, the social network: you can find me here: http://profile.to/recruit/

A very socially cool website valued at over $1Bn US dollars, on Facebook you can:

  • See comments from your friends and new people
  • Play scrabble or poker
  • Find out where people are right now
  • What people think of others, including you
  • What’s in their social diary
  • Who they are dating/going further with

And you know that in a few hours time, thanks to a 2MegPixel camera in their mobile phone, the resulting evidence of the pub crawl will be online and in their Facebook page. I mean, how really cool of an inside look in any friends life is that – possibly too close?

But with regards employment, Facebook is both a godsend and a nightmare. Do you really want everyone from the North Pole to the South Pole, and any potential employer to see the photographic evidence of your weekend away?

I am hence very careful on who I am connected to on Facebook; and I don’t put stuff on my Facebook profile which could harm my personal or business reputation.

Two stories have recently hit the headlines about employee’s being disciplined from entries they made themselves on Facebook:

Much as though employers have to be more aware of the use of social networks and make allowances in employment contracts, that doesn’t mean it is all flowing in the employee’s direction. Hence when I am searching for people for clients, half the reason I have a Facebook page is that I can both find new and check on recommended potential employee’s – it is constantly amazing what you can find out, and how daft many are with their personal reputation.

Please, please, please – be aware of what information you place in public. Social networking and Facebook can be fun – but it can also get you sacked, or rejected from a job search.

Good Luck!


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