Do you think its okay to fib on my CV?

Friday, December 19th, 2008 - CV Writing

Charles asks: I am writing a CV to use for a recruitment company….for them to get me a job….I have already been with them, never got any work, and now 3 months on, I have continued to do the same job. I am only applying for menial office jobs, do you think it matters if I make up a few months of experience working in similar roles?

In answer:

No, never lie on a CV.


Legally you can on a CV, but the moment you transfer the same details to their job application form – which at some point you will be asked to – that’s illegal, and an instant “get yeah from the premises with no notice and no redundancy” opportunity; and further they could sue you.


Trying to hide a lie is quite stressful. Most companies these days use checking services (it costs them about £30 – cheap compared to employing a liar); and if it is not found out there then it is stressing in interview.


Honestly, it’s not worth it! Do yourself a favour and ask them for a meeting and ask why they haven’t yet found you work, and what you could do to help them? Also ask what you could do long term to improve your job prospects.

Good Luck!

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