Fight, Accomodate or Leave?

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Ritu asks: A person joins a new company, and within some time say, 6-9 months, If he feels, the company is not justifying the roles and responsibilities provided to that candidate, in spite of being his capabilities, What would be your views:

– to leave the organisation, search for some other job?
– fight for the rights?
– should he accommodate, himself as per the organisation environment ?

While answering please think for the following points as well:
– it is very frustrating, that only because of the office politics that is being going on, suitable candidate is not being provided the role
– if the candidate tries to accommodate in such a situation, he is not left with any kind of enthusiasm towards the work

In answer:
I think you have answered your own question – LEAVE.

A friend who is a coach has a very good view on the first six months strategy for a candidate in a company:

– Months 1 thru 3: fit in
– Months 4 thru 6: do more than they hired you for
– Month 7+: you are indispensable!

Always, new recruits find the job they thought they were hired for is not the one they actually do. That is either because the company was over sold and under delivers; or the candidates either over or under performs. To avoid this in future, and avoid the “got the job I want, just hate the colleagues” social-fit problem, insist on at least half a day working in the environment where the proposed post actually is, meeting the people you would be working with. People fit is as important as job fit.

What next? I think your two supplementary points show that you are unhappy in both the job and the company, so cut your losses now – keep your head down, and start looking: fast. If you are not happy, you will never be happy in what ever ideal job you are working in.

Good Luck!

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