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Find A Job

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When you choose or become a job seeker, most often your first question will be about how to find a job?

Many undertaking a modern job search will know that the employment market has changed, most often since the last time they were first looking for a job on average 10+ years ago. But has it really changed all that much?

How To Find A Job

In the days before the internet, the way to find a job was via friends, colleagues and newspapers. Local newspapers did local jobs and blue collar work, while national newspapers did director level and white collar jobs.

Today you have job boards and we will come on to those below. But presently, do not dismiss the newspapers, as most of the job boards are now owned by the large regional newspaper groups. Hence, newspapers become effective reprints of what available online.

Find Me A Job

Only foolish job seekers dismiss or ignore networking as a way to find a job. Once you find yourself in a situation looking for a job, be open and honest with friends and colleagues of your situation. I personally find this the most intriguing part of modern society, when people want to help their friends, but are not told when or how they could help.

If you are cautious about networking or telling friends of your situation, then think of it this way. The world of employment is a people powered business, and part of that choice in finding new employees is finding people who will fit in as much as have the required technical skills. Hence, if an existing employee knows you are looking for people, and has a friend who they get on with who has the required skills, would they make the recommendation or not? Around a third of jobs are never advertised, as they are filled internally or with people recommended by existing employees. Do not dismiss networking or telling friends, or you could miss out on almost doubling your employment opportunities.

Find A Job Online

In the modern job seeking world, we have a plethora of jobs boards. There are national, local and specialist/niche jobs boards focusing on numerous geographies, sectors and specialisms.

However, on the whole I know that job boards confuse and frustrate job seekers; but they actually make the opportunities to find a job a lot easier.

The core of the problem for job seekers is this: has one job board actually created one extra job? No, but what they have done is allowed the marketing of the same numbers of jobs easier to market for employers, and hence easier to apply for by job seekers. The result is more job applicant competition for the same number of jobs.

You may hence find it more productive to Find A Job Online via social media, including resources like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Can’t Find A Job?

I hear it more often that I should these days, but many people complain that they can’t find a job. One task you should complete before starting the real work to find a job – and job seeking is a job on its own – is a market check of the jobs you seek. Go to your favourite jobs boards, and tap in the job skills or title you seek and the geography in which you wish to search. If there are less than 50 positions available, then open the search geography radius.

If you can not find at least 50 jobs in a reasonable radius of your desired area, then you may have to adjust your sights on the type of job you seek. Don’t start to find a job until you know employers are seeking people for that type of job.

Find A New Job

The result of all this new opportunity is that it has never been easier to find a new job. However, unless you deploy a strategy and tactical approach which addresses at least the three basic lines to find a job: newspapers, networking, jobs boards – then you will have problems to find a job.

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Good Luck!


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