Freelance work in a CV – where?

Thursday, June 19th, 2008 - CV Writing

Eric asks: Where should I put freelance work on my medical writing CV? Should I added to regular work experience or keep it in a seperate section? I usually engage in freelance work outside of my full time permanent position. But adding the freelance work to the chronological listing of my full time positions has caused confusion in the past. At first glance it looks like I jump around a great deal. Can you recommend a method of organizing my CV to avoid this issue?

In Answer:
Simply, if you miss out positions – be they temporary or permanent – then recruiters and HR people get suspicious: and that then means more questions and less chance of being hired.

Secondary to that, is then how you address those periods, to not make it look like you are a difficult employee. So hence in cases of freelance work, I list all freelance work as ONE position – and all the freelance assignments as projects or engagements under the one job. Where this goes in the resume depends on the rest of your job history. This eliminates showing you as a job-hopper – since your goal as a Freelance is to complete and finish each job.

If you have done part-time full employment alongside periods of temporary work outside of that, then position that as a separate piece of work. The issue you will then have to address is will you be dedicated to this piece of work? If you can address that in a CV/Resume, then expect a question on it at interview.

But number one remit of any CV/Resume is – don’t lie, and don’t leave gaps. Good Luck!

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