Get a Job, not a CV!

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Get a Job, not a CV!

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Good Morning – I hope this finds you well!

Have you been on a job search recently? Bet you got knocked back a bit – sorry to hear that, better luck next time. If we can help please – just ask

But you were probably one of those bright people, who on realising that their CV is 3+ years out of date, rewrote it? Or maybe you just looked in the paper or on the internet, and found a Professional CV Writer?

Having spent between £19.99 (for a CV Typing service posing as a CV Writing service…), or over £1000, you, amazingly ……. still have pretty similar results, and increasing piles of rejection letters.

Now what?

How to write a CV

I’ll give you the answer here, right now, and for free:

The world’s best CV written for you, without a job in mind, won’t get you employed

Want to know why? Thought you might…..

Employers spend around 100 hours and £3000 on creating the average process for a specific job, and you turn up with a CV focused on – YOU! It is the greatest piece of paper written about you and your employment history, but it is wholly focused around YOU.

The stand alone great CV is like…….

  • Having the ideal jigsaw piece, but not the rest to complete it
  • Having the world’s best party on a desert island – on your own
  • Being the Admiral of the Swiss Navy….

Get Employed!

If you don’t learn how to:

  • Find the right jobs to apply for
  • Know how to apply for them
  • Are able to adjust your CV to make it right for every job you apply for
  • Make sure that’s an employer you want to work for

Your job application statistics will stay the same, and either it will take you longer to get a job – probably one you don’t want and will be looking to get out of – or worse still, never get employed.

Now, we would be happy to write you just a CV. But seriously, do you just want a CV?

Really, you don’t want just a CV, you want a job – either a job, or a better one, or why not the ideal one?

Want to get employed quicker?

Want to get employed quicker? Thought you might – we would be very happy to……

  • Help you know what your skills and capabilities are – we found one recently for an ex-convict which got him employed in 10days
  • Know how to apply for them – we teach a technique that anyone can learn, that will get you more interviews: guaranteed
  • Are able to adjust your CV to make it right for every job you apply for – work with us, and you will be able to adjust your own CV for the rest of your life
  • Make sure that’s an employer you want to work for – its simple, its easy, you deserve the best

Good Luck!

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