Number1 tactic: Get More Interviews, Get Employed – proven!

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Get More Interviews, Get Employed


How would you like to learn the number one tactic to Get More Interviews, and Get Employed?

  • You would, but you suspect its a con trick? It’s not
  • You suspect that it can’t work for you? It can
  • You suspect then that it only works for those who have clean and ultimate work records on gleaming CV’s? It does – and everyone else as well, including part-time job seeking Mum’s!

What first put me on to this tactic was the conversion ratio‘s clients were getting in job interviews, over competitors in both the coaching and CV writing market places.

On forums I would get lambasted for suggesting that 1 interview in 3 job applications should be the aiming point, and that 1 interview in 10 job applications was the point where you had to conclude that something was wrong either in the jobs you are applying for, or your CV. I was told by these competitors that the present average interview to job application ratio in this recession is 1 in 20ouch!

At this point you are probably suspecting this tactic is simple: honestly, it is. You are hence probably asking yourself:

Like you, I ran through the process we use to create Professional CV’s and support our clients getting jobs: our Professional CV service includes a job interview guarantee; and wondered what the difference was?

Now, I have to admit that one part of our process made our clients feel very uncomfortable. We got them to do something which was part of their natural every day professional lives, but which once put in the Job Application process made them feel extremely uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, in fact, some have called me a complete………….. well, I won’t insert the words, but lets just assure you all they were very heart felt words of fear.

However, every client once they were employed – on average getting employed in five job applications – said:

You were right! That was the one thing that I would never have thought of, and never done unless you had given me the support, courage, talk through before and a walk through chart of what to do. That was the tactic that got me employed – Thank You!

What is this tactic? How can you be assured to get more job interviews, if it is so simple and so natural to the professional and those who want that dream job?

I have been mulling this over for a while now, but I am a bit reluctant to publicise it. If I told everyone, then everyone would use it, and couldn’t provide outstanding service and get our customers and clients employed as quickly as they are doing at present – or into the future.

So, I have decided not to publicly release the tactic and supporting materials to anyone who is not a customer of

So there you have it – we have a tactic, that is getting our Professional CV customers more interviews and employed quicker, and we are not going to give it to anyone who is not a customer.

Good Luck!

PS: did I forget to tell you that people who use any of’s services are all considered as customers? Yes, even the one’s who use our free services!

PPS: did I forget to mention that we provide a Free CV Review service, which includes our written feedback and suggested improvements AND access to the complete set of tactics we use in creating interview winning CV’s?

PPPS: did I ask you to take advantage of our Free CV Review, and become a customer without paying us a penny? If I didn’t, why not go now and get your Free CV Review and the interview getting tactic – we would love you as a customer of!

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