How do I evidence leadership skills on my CV?

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Leadership Skills

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Jan asks: I am applying for a job and finding it really easy to provide examples of how I meet the spec in terms of task based type requirements e.g budget management, marketing skills. However when it comes to leadership skills, am struggling to provide evidence without it sounding like a trite affirmation or self awareness. Any suggestions?

In answer:
The answer here is, much as you evidence the skills/competencies required for the job, you need to evidence the management skills required.

If you take a printed copy of the advert, highlight the skills required – be they skills/competencies or experiences. You need to hit/tick each of these off in your Cove Letter and your CV. For each one, now find the words in your CV which correlate: can’t find them, don’t apply!

For management skills, you need to (a) think forward to interview stage – pick your strongest evidence of the required skill, and (b) write them up in a SAR style form. Some people call it STAR, which stands for: Situation, Task, Action, Results. Task for me sounds junior management, so I call/write it as SAR.

For each situation, you need to describe the business situation (for contractors/consultants I go back to why the client needed them in the first place, and why they choose them) in a business manner. You then need to describe the options/choices and why they chosen action was taken/how it was implemented. Finally, and most importantly, the result – with £/$ signs: no pounds = not business, what’s the validation?

If you think forward to interview, then you can have that prime example of the skills deployment, and a couple in reserve. It tends to guide the interview to a “and how did you do this” situation, which they can then probe.

Good Luck!


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2 Responses to “How do I evidence leadership skills on my CV?”

  1. JP Says:

    Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  2. Hannah Says:

    I really want to work on my leadership skills and this might really help. Thank you for posting this.

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