How do I tell my boss that I’m looking for a new job?

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Mandy asks: How do I tell my lovely boss that I’m looking for a new job? We had an informal chat about the fact that we are very very quiet and he said that he wanted to be open and honest with me and would hope that I would do the same for him. I jokingly asked if I should get my CV updated but he didn’t really answer. He said he would like to be told if I was actively looking.

I joined an agency to see what sort of work was out there about a month ago and wasn’t really chasing them but today, the girl phoned and said I have an interview for a job on Friday. It’s not a big company, just me and my boss and I know he’s not getting as much money in.

I don’t know whether to tell him I’ve got an interview or wait to see how it goes. I’ve worked here for 3 years and love my job but it’s in the mortgage industry and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be picking up any time soon. The new job is with an Accountant. I’m currently self employed and the new job will be full time PAYE. My current job is very flexible.

Should I stay and see what happens or go for another job? I’m torn

In Answer:

Firstly, changing jobs and moving employers is always stressful – I feel for you Mandy!

However, you must never mention to an existing employer – whatever the situation, unless you are being given notice of termination – that you are looking for another job until you have secured a job offer letter.

Hence, do not mention that you are already looking for another job, and do not mention you are going to a job interview — you have an “appointment,” like a doctor appointment, etc. If and when you find another job and have a firm job offer letter, then give written notice.

The writing is on the wall for your existing job, hence why your boss gave you the friendly chat. When you find another job and give notice, your boss is probably going to be very relieved. He wants to let you go, he cannot afford to keep you, but can’t quite bring himself yet to terminate your employment.

Good Luck!

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