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Espen, a mobile product manager and marketing consultant asks: I am in a job application process, and now it seems that I am lucky enough to get 2-3 parallel interview rounds. Should I tell the recruiters/companies that I may have other options or not? If I say that I have other options it may signal that I am not very interested in the job. On the other hand it may leverage my value/negotiation power. Views and advice is very much appreciated.

In answer:

Firstly, congratulations! More than one interview offer means your skill set is wanted.

Secondly: are you sure looking at your skill set that the “jobs” actually are real and different positions? If you are talking to recruiters over employers, you need to be interviewing them – and again with the employers once you are talking to them.

The problem here in giving specific advice is your skill set – there are a limited number of mobile marketers. Where the market is limited and personalities are well known, everyone in the market knows what jobs are on offer and available/fulfilled. However, even if that were not the case, you still should not be giving out specific information about which employers and which positions you are applying for with other agencies/employers. Employee/applicant “blocking” tactics do occur, particularly in cases where you are employed by a company the recruiter handling the position has a retainer from; some recruiters do do dirty work on behalf of companies, as it means the companies stay clean.

From a recruiters point of view, they will suspect you are applying for more than one position. They will hence ask that you are open and honest with them as to when you are available and to what timescale the other applications are running to – and yes, of course they will ask for the companies/positions, but there is no need to do that. If you suspect another position will provide a job offer next week, there is no point in applying for other positions – plus it makes them conclude that either their job is better or you don’t think you will get the other job; or worst of all, you don’t know what you want to do!

So, is it morally right to handle parallel job interviews? Yes, as long as you provide sufficent information to the recruiters/employer handling the different positions of your availability and progress of your overall job search. Plus, good and well managed professional communication should give them a reason to want to employ you more.

If you want any more specific advice, happy to help – just drop me a PM.

Good Luck!

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