How to search for a job?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 - career change, CV Writing, job search

How to search for a job?

If you were undertaking a job search, one of the actions you could take to improve your chances and speed employment would be to go and ask the experts: employers, recruiters, other job seekers.

I mean, surely, they must know how to search for a job, right?

However, the problem you will find is the diversity of answers – this works, that doesn’t, etc. To separate the good from the not so useful, you could think: what are they trying to sell to me? You could also ask how much experience they have? Finally, you could ask if they have measured their results?

I decided as part of my own on going research of the world of employment – as one of my mentors says, you never stop learning – I thought I would ask a couple of questions at LinkedIn. The two questions were:

You can click thorough on the above links to read the diversity of answers to the questions, but here is what struck me:

  • That each answer is focused more around their area of expertise, than that of the job seeker
  • That age has a relevance in the answer, and hence use of old versus internet based methods
  • That few of those answering had actually measured their results

One last point. Accepting I am a recruiter, I have always said when advising job seekers we have written a Professional CV for, to choose approaching employers over recruiters. Recruiters are both remote from their clients to some extent, as well as more demanding of the quality of their candidates. Asking these two questions just confirmed that this was best-practise advice!

The outcome of asking these two questions confirmed my own measured results: that few advisers on job search have actually mapped out the process, let alone measured their or their clients results.

Have we done that – or more specifically, have I done that? Yes……..
Recruitment Process
Over the rest of this week I will show you through the evidence, and hence how to dramatically improve your job search results.

Good Luck!


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