How to set up a Social Media based Job Search

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How to set up a Social Media based Job Search

On many occasions, the first disappointment for any employer who receives a job application is how inappropriately the CV and whole job application is aimed at their job. Generally this is due to the candidate simply doing just “click to apply” and not worrying to much about how much effort they put into that job application.

If only they spent 30 more minutes, how much better received their job application would be aimed at that employer, and hence they would stand a better chance of employment. Setting up a Social Media Job Search is easy!

Job Search source: Google Reader

How easy is this to do? Well, with modern internet tools and social media, far too easy, its almost embarrassing how easy. In fact from my point as a professional recruiter, I wonder why job applicants don’t spend even 5minutes reading the website of a potential employer before applying? But if you want to go one step further and simply double your chances of job application success, then follow these steps:

  1. From your 3core job search positions, create a list of 50ompanies
  2. For each company, go to their website. Spot the RSS feed for their own PR or news stream, and their blog, and take both into Google Reader
  3. Create a file in Google Reader named after the company, ie in the example video “Google”
  4. Add additional RSS streams through using Google Readers search facility

You have now created yourself a custom job search stream for that company. Wow, all of 5minutes, so when either their employees, HR team or the Hiring Manager asks you about product X or development Y, you are almost as well informed as they are.

Asking questions: LinkedIn

Stage two is using that information, and the quickest way now is within business orientated social media forums like LinkedIn.

What you are looking to achieve is engagement with the organisation that you want to work for, and specifically an introduction to the Hiring Manager. To do that you pose intelligent business questions within appropriate groups. That is a whole subject in itself, which we cover in both our Professional and Executive CV services, in part by providing job applicants with an eBook about Networking Skills. But the first step is having the information about the company to pose the questions, hence the need for initially setting up Google Reader.

Now, where to pose the questions, and specifically within LinkedIn? You can pose questions in two basic places:

  • LinkedIn Answers
  • LinkedIn Groups

From experience, it is better to pose general business questions in Answers (a wider audience), and job search questions in Groups (a targeted audience). Now you don’t actually pose questions to make yourself look like a desperate job seeker, they have to be intelligent business questions, hence why its a separate subject.

So which LinkedIn Groups should you join Follow these steps

NOTE: as in the video, these are written around a job search for a job in Google UK’s marketing and communications team. But the steps work equally as well for any employer that you target

  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Top right hand corner of the browser page, select Advanced Search
  3. On the Advanced Search page, insert the employer name in Company, and targeted department in Title
  4. After your first search, play around with combinations of the department terms between Title and Keywords, ie: Marketing,Communications, Marketing Communications, Marcoms
  5. In your initial searches, only select current employees. Recently departed employees are useful, but will reveal themselves – like most people with new jobs, they have moved on, so wait for them to offer
  6. In the search results, click on interesting employee. Make a note of their name, title, and any listed contact details in a suitable notepad point, such as an Excel spreadsheet or MSOutlook, a dBase, etc
  7. Note down the groups where these people belong. Join the same groups
  8. Lastly, do a groups search on the Company name. Join the biggest groups UNLESS you see a group that that target department runs

Now you have joined the right groups, your first task is to observe. Then after introducing yourself to the group owner, and understanding the rules of that group, then pose your intelligent business questions.

Job Search: Effort versus Interviews

The question many people are probably posing now, is that this seems a lot of effort for an unknown return. So why do this? Here’s the answer:

  1. Click to Apply via Jobs Boards: (system that most job seekers use at the moment) respond to job alerts from jobs boards, average “apply to interview” rate around 10%, averaging less in some sectors down as low as 2%. Time taken to apply = 5mins/job (ie, Click to Apply). Total time to job interview (50jobs x 5mins): 250mins/2weeks
  2. Social Media Job Search: get a job with the employer you want! 5mins to take RSS feeds into Google Reader (once); 10mins of joining LinkedIn Groups (once); and pose three LI Group questions per week 3 x 5mins, for 2weeks). Make three in company contacts per question, speak to 10 company employees per week (60mins). Get an interview after an average of 10days (even if they are not employing in your target department at present). Total time to job interview: 105mins over 2weeks
  3. Its the system we use to sell recruitment services! It takes us an average of 10days to get into any target prospective client

You have a choice: apply via the job boards at a 10% chance of success, spending twice as much time over a 2week duration; or applying for work with a company that you really would like to work for in half the time over the same duration?

If you want to know more about how to apply Social Media to your job search, particularly if you are experiencing high rates of job application, and few or no telephone interviews – less than 1 interview per 10 job applications – its time to get some help from a Professional CV Writer.

Good Luck!


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