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Monday, July 27th, 2009 - Blog

If you’re reading this, it is either because you have just started following one of our two accounts on or ProfessionalCV – or you are thinking of.

As a courtesy, the team at want to tell you how we use Twitter. Firstly, we tweet up to around 10 times a day:

  • We re-tweet the blog here, with links to new and old articles
  • We tweet about jobs news
  • We tweet about how the economy affects the jobs market
  • We tweet links that may be of interest, which are employment related
  • We re-tweet things that others have tweeted, that we think followers may be interested in, again which are employment related

Secondly, on our account, we only follow other people in the HR and employment market place

If you want to follow the boss, then send a “Hello!” message to @IanRMcAllister – if you have something interesting to say or tweet, he will be happy to follow you!

So that’s how we use Twitter, and what you can expect if you follow us. Hopefully it hasn’t put you off!

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One Response to “How we use Twitter”

  1. Maggie Langley, Virtual Assistant & Entrepreneur, OfficeHounds Says:


    I think it’s a great idea to send followers a link to how you use twitter. It allows your followers to know what to expect from your tweets.

    I really love the ‘Retweet’ button next to your blog article. I wish I knew how to add this to my Hound blog, its an excellent idea.

    Great ideas.
    Thanks Maggie!

    The whole site is based on WordPress, so much of the functionality comes from plugins. The Retweet button is a plugin from TweetMeMe, which you can find here on the WordPress site

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