HP Officejet Pro 8500

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HP Officejet Pro 8500

green, and far better than expected

In early June, I was asked to take part in a trial by marketing and PR company Edelman of the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500. As my home office based HP d145 was getting a bit old, I was positive, but had wanted a LaserJet. Still, it was a green trial, so I happily agreed.

Having agreed to the trial, I read a few online reports. In summary, they didn’t make it look much better than the d145, but after looking at them again they were benchmarking it against a similarly proced laser as that’s where HP pitch the product. I hence didn’t have my expectations set very high.

After TNT mucked up the delivery address – you have to write EVERYTHING on their label, even details a few millimetres from it are ignored – the package arrived on a Friday PM. I say package, as like most modern boxes it was big and relatively light for its size. I unplugged the d145, and plugged in the 8500 – and then like most HP installations waited 30mins while the software installed. Much as though I am an HP fan, using the same tricks as Microsoft to install your picture software as default should be an option over a 2tick “Full” or “Custom” installation. After I found the installation manual and reset the password for my BTHome hub, it was easy – two button clicks in 15seconds on the printer alone – to connect the HP3500 to my home wireless network

Bonus features

The first surprise came that evening. Sat in the kitchen, I downloaded a 20page PDF which I wanted to print. The old procedure would have been to place it on a memory stick, walk downstairs to the now colder office, and print from the main computer. But having installed the HP software on the Apple MacBook (why does everything take 1/3rd the time on an Apple, and be twice as easy as MS powered machine?), I simply clicked a button and it was waiting for me on the printer when I got downstairs.

I printed out a few CV’s the next day, and have to say the quality was far better than the d145. OK, its not laser quality, so I could see where the various online write-ups were coming from, but its not dribbling inkjet either. Comparing it to the d145, it is certainly closer to a laser – about 85% of the way there.

Paper savings

The nice addition with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 was the fact it did double-sided printing over the d145, which in nearly four weeks of usage means my paper consumption is down by 2/3rds. Why not a half you might be asking? Well, here’s how good the quality of the print is. With draft CV’s, I still print them out A4 but double sided. Anything else the printer has a setting called booklet, which means it prints two pages per side – so 4pages per A4 sheet over my old 1page per A4 sheet.

The other nice surprise was the electricity consumption. I have a monitor in the home office for electrical consumption, and much as though the 8500 has a similar size power unit to the d145, it has a lower rating. As the d145 was always in idle mode when the electricity was on to it, the 8500’s idle mode means that it shuts down. It wakes up when you push a print job to it, but my in office monitor suggest my electrical consumption is down by around 20%.

Green savings

I have used the scanner a couple of times, and would say it is very easy to operate, and the fax twice. But what has impressed me most so far is the quality of print allowing easy access to large paper savings. Paper is a huge cost in my business, and reducing my costs in that area alone by 2/3rds means that the 8500 would pay for itself in less than 6months in paper savings alone. I am going to add an additional paper feed tray, meaning that I don’t need to switch manually between 80gsm and 100gsm laid papers, which could mean additional savings when setting the default to 80gsm.

I am very happy with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8500, and have to say am so pleased with it I am going to keep it. No, it is not quite laser quality, but when you consider it will do everything from glossy pictures to rushed black and white, it is far more adaptable. If you then add in the savings that its quality brings to allow me to print much out now in booklet format, I think its the most competent one size fits all green printer presently out on the market. Add in HP’s robust build quality and excellent support – always a high consideration for anyone working from home and needing reliability – and I would thoroughly recommend it.

If you have any questions, please – just ask. Good Luck!

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12 Responses to “HP Officejet Pro 8500”

  1. HP Officejet Pro 8500 Says:

    […] Ian wrote an interesting post today onHP Officejet <b>Pro</b> 8500Here’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. HP Officejet Pro 8500 Says:

    […] Ian wrote an interesting post today onHP Officejet Pro 8500Here’s a quick excerpt […]

  3. Shelli Says:

    The high pitch noise my 8500 makes is forcing me to return it. Tech support suggested it might be interference from the electrical outlet. I’ve now used a long extension cord to plug it in several other places in my (less than 5 years old) home. Nothing changed about the noise it makes, which is like a kids high-pitched scratchy cellphone ringtone

    Comment: Shelli – I’ve got more electrical equipment in my home office than most, hence it has its own feed from the electrical distribution board to cope. The 8500 is the quietest thing in there, far far less noise than the old dj145 I had – it even turns itself off, hence power saving and therefore its silent. As a chartered engineer, with airline tested higher hearing range than most, it sounds like HP Tech Support could have an option. If the problem is in your home, then moving sockets won’t work due to harmonics: I know when a low-energy light bulb is due to go, as my fully filtered topline hifi amp starts reacting. There were five of us on this test, and with most having a tech background/work, none of us experience what you are describing. Have the 8500 replaced, and see what happens – if its still there, then call in an electrical engineer ASAP

  4. Stanton Simon Says:

    I wrote a review about this product on Amazon. I experienced the same high pitch noise problem. It was absolutely driving me nuts.

    I went to several large box retail outlets in my area, and those machines also had the high pitch noise. Similar complaints were on Amazon, Computer Shopper, the HP website, and other places, but not CNET. Google 8500 high pitch noise and 8500 high frequency noise and you should find them.

    I also saw a comment to my post on Amazon which I think was you. I occasionally check back on this printer and am really surprised how few have complained about this issue given how annoying it was to me and that I found the same problem in 3 other printers of the same model.
    In answer:
    Thanks for your comment Simon – weird eMail, who do you work for?

    Firstly, this is the ONLY place on the internet that I have commented on the 8500 – so I haven’t a clue where your Amazon comment comes from.

    Secondly, is this a continual high pitch noise, or a beeping? Mine occasionally makes a beeping noise in standby mode: very occasionally.

    I have asked Edelmans for a contact at HP fto report such issues to, but at present they have not come back: will post when they do so.

  5. Daniel Allgaier Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m Daniel and I work in product marketing and closely with the technical team at HP. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with your printer. We are aware of the issue regarding a high pitched noise and are currently working on a solution. In the meantime, all printers affected with this problem can be replaced via the contact centre which can be reached via ipg_support@hp.com. Drop us a note with your contact details and one of our technical team will get in touch.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Mike Says:

    i have the absolutely same problem here – i guess its caused by the internal speaker.

    I just wrote you an email Daniel, hoping for a positive reply, soon.


  7. Kim Says:

    First, I tried to e-mail that guy above but it came back.

    Regarding your Wireless Pro 8500

    I have been a long-time customer of HP.=A0 My last printer was an Officejet 7300 and I had it for over 4 years. Great machine! The only reason I gave in to get a new one was because the PC interface software is doesn’t work with my current laptop that has Vista. That in itself was very upsetting to me because I have a perfectly functional (very practical) all-in-one and I cannot use it as I need to– and so I’m forced to spend another $230.

    HP website states that the 7300 is compatible with Vista and/or “Vista ready”. I have downloaded every patch there is possible and have only gotten more confused and the functions have made no improvement. Their website and software patches/downloads have done nothing to resolve the problem. Furthermore I was told I needed to PAY to get help from tech support for my 7300! To charge me (their customer) to talk to tech support for my (old) machine to work out the software problem is insulting.

    I still gave in and purchased a HP because I banked on the fact that it most likely will be a reliable machine.

    So, you can see why I’m so disappointed.

    Here are the problems with the machine:

    1. I have heard the “high pitch” noise others have mentioned, but it’s not that loud. However, it shouldn’t do that.

    2. I hear a different noise that sounds like a quieter version of my rain gutter outside my bedroom window when it’s raining. It’s like something is tapping on something else. This is when the machine is idle. It isn’t very loud but it’s noticeable when the room is quiet.

    3. The document feeder is a BIG PROBLEM.

    a. I cannot fax more than 3 pages at a time without it missing pages! This is really inconvenient and makes faxing any document more than 2 pages a nightmare and really time consuming. There are pages missing in between and I have no idea which ones, so first I have to enumerate each page somewhere for reference. Then I have to call the other person and ask them which pages they have or have not received.

    b. Scanning: When I scan a multiple page document via the document feeder,only some of the pages get scanned. It’s really frustrating and I have to go through the painstaking process of darkening (increasing resolution)
    on all the pages so that I can simply see which pages are missing.Then I have to nce =
    I’ve discovered that, I can scan (add) the other missing pages. It’s a really long and hard process. It’s not supposed to be like this. Later, I have to use a different software to change the order of the documents that I have added in — to be able to put them into proper sequence.

    My 7300 only had a problem with the auto document feeder once– and I cleaned the rollers=
    and then NO problem. This however, is a new machine– No excuse!

    4. Picture quality is terrible. I printed a few photos and there are vertical lines/streaks on the photo and the top is much darker than the bottom of the photo. It is very terrible quality. My 7300 printed GREAT photos even though it’s older!

    In summary, I’m not if this is a lemon unit? I haven’t seen complaints of all of these other issues from other users (except for the high pitch sound) which is the least of my problems with this unit.

    I am very sorely disappointed with HP because I bought this unit when I had to have lots of work to do and needed a reliable machine. This machine proved to be an utter failure.

    So, first chance I get, I’m returning it.

    I’m wondering if the HP Photo printing all-in-one have is any better…

    I was hoping for speed and accuracy with great office all-in-one software interface to help me get my work done efficiently. Instead, it wasted my time and money.

    Perhaps it’s time for me to try a Brother or some other reliable brands.

  8. Kevin Says:

    My 8500 wireless also has the high pitch squeal. I just got it today. Anyone have an update on this?

  9. Darragh Says:

    I am a real HP printer fan. I bought an 8500 wireless from Amazon a few weeks back and it had that high pitched noise. It was impossible to work in the same room as the printer and the relief was incredible whenever I switched it off.

    I had to return it and Amazon and HP were very helpful in replacing it. It was just a pain packing-it-up and returning it etc.

    I just received the replacement unit and set it up – incredibly it too has the same noise! I can’t believe it. It is not quite as bad as the first unit but there is no way I can keep it. With all of the set-up, packing and shipping costs back to Amazon I will have lost any savings buying on-line and don’t think I will take a chance again on the same unit – shame because it looks like a good machine.

    Anybody any recommendations on a better alternative?

    Thanks and hope this post helps others.

  10. Lisa K. Says:

    I recently purchased an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 Wireless from a Web retailer (PCRush.com) & I’m experiencing the same high-pitched noise problem with this printer. There is a constant, high-pitched noise being emitted from the printer (right side if looking at it), even in standby mode! It’s driving me nuts; it literally has caused me several headaches in the past couple of days; I cannot stay in the same room with it for any length of time (and I only just set it up a couple of days ago.) I can even hear it from several feet away, on the other side of the room! I also have 2 other HP printers in the same room as well & they emit NO noise when in standby mode (I tested it by turning off the 8500 & then back on & in standby mode & could only detect the noise when the 8500 was on or in standby mode.)

    I am extremely disappointed, as this unit had all of the specs I was looking for (including rare 8.5″ x 14″ flatbed scanner). Additionally, I’m also experiencing some issues with the print quality for photos; in looking at the photos I’ve printed, holding them in the light, you can see what appears to be “layers” of ink within the photo (on both HP & Kodak photo paper)…almost like it’s embossed on there. I tried several times, even changing settings & then printing the same pic with same settings on my HP PhotoSmart 7960 (which is ~5 years old) & the photo quality from my old PhotoSmart is SO much better than the OJ Pro 8500! Did I just get a defective printer or are both of these issues consistent with this model?

    Did Consumer Reports & CNET get it wrong?!? I researched long & hard before committing to this unit. Initially, the only similar evaluation of this product mentioning this high-pitched noise problem was a review (among many good ones) on Amazon, so I thought it was an anomaly; since I’ve experienced this problem & typed in a more specific search of this particular problem with this particular model, I’ve found others. But due to the overwhelmingly favorable response & also the good reviews by Consumer Reports & CNET, I picked it over the Photosmart Premium b/c of the less-expensive ink & the scanner size.

    I cannot see myself keeping this printer in its current state; it would be less of an issue if the noise was only emitted when it was “on” & operating, but since the sound is also present in the “standby mode” it is unbearable & I cannot keep it in my office/guest room & expect anyone to be able to sleep in there at night, let alone me work in there on a daily basis.

    Unfortunately (for me), the Web retailer I purchased from has informed me that if I return it, I’m going to get charged a 15% re-stocking fee + s/h charges (both ways), so I’m going to end up paying ~$60+ & still have no printer & now have to try to figure out an alternate solution.

    I don’t get it…I’ve had great luck with HP products for the last 15 years (several PCs, printers & scanners…some are still working & have lasted nearly 7 years….my LaserJet 1000 is a workhorse, but alas, is now obsolete in HP’s eyes, as is my ScanJet 4960C), since apparently Vista on my new HP laptop (and soon Windows 7), is not compatible with these older HP products; so, now after shelling out $1100 for a new laptop, I now have to also upgrade my printers & scanner as well as b/c HP has decided to not update the drivers for these products (even though they still work great). I wish I had stayed with XP, but my HP desktop PC just died on me, so I had no choice but to upgrade.

    FYI – I also just tried to send an e-mail to the e-mail address supplied by “Daniel” in the above post & it just bounced back to me as “undeliverable”.

  11. DeAnn Says:

    I don’t have the electrical high pitch hum – But I do have a high pitch squeal sound like when the print heads are going from left to right like plastic squeaking

    Anyone else with this?

  12. Bill Says:

    Don’t seem to be getting the life out of the print cartridges that I was led to expect. Have printed relatively little (less than 25 pages) and am already prevented from printing any more because of low color levels.

  13. Thomas Says:

    I have owned one of these for about 10 months. Today I installed another one in a law office. They both have the irritating noise. It’s so quiet that being more that 6 feet from it renders the sound inaudble. Still annoying, though. Print quality is ok, I downloaded the previous family of this line’s driver package, which has the print color adujustment controls that the 8500 is missing. The scanning software’s post-processing could use some work, it’s passable but makes scanning large jobs a chore. I started using Picassa or Windows Live’s beta photo software to post process. Otherwise, it’s been a great printer, my favorite non-laser so far. I have scanned reams of documents without missing a page, and the ink costs are a good deal lower than my last inkjet.

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