I do everything, but I can’t find a job. What could be the problem?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 - CV Writing

Laura asks: Sincerely…. I’m going down day by day! I’ve been following all the advices: improve my CV/Resume, make some different models & salary expectations depending on the position, re-build a network, trying to introduce by myself face-to-face my new status, my professional goals, take contacts with new contacts. I have something to bring but it seems nobody (literally) is interested….. more than a 100 applications in 7 months, and less of the 10% percent calls from recruiters. HELP!

In answer:
Firstly Laura, I am sorry to hear about your situation: keep your spirit and your chin up, and you will get a job.

The statistic you give suggests to me one of three causes of your low call back rate:

– The sector you are in is in recession – the most common areas at present are financial services, construction, or banking; manufacturing is suffering from overseas outsourcing, and depends on which sector
– You are targeting the wrong jobs with the wrong skills – you just don’t have the skills, are over qualified, or seeking to high a salary are the most common problems
– You are not engaging with your CV/Resume – you just are not communicating your skills in your job application

The first thing I would do from now on any job application you send, whether you hear from them or not, is to pick up the phone and ask for feedback. Just say: “I applied for your job XYZ, and I am assuming that I didn’t get an interview by now as its past the due date, but could you please give me some feedback on my application?” A good HR department or recruiter won’t say no to that request, and at worst you get some feedback to modify your next application, and at worst you may get an interview: around 10% of jobs which go past due date don’t get filled.

Candidates should always ask for feedback, and if you do Laura then you will soon find out where your applications are presently not fulfilling the requirement to get into the “call back” pile. If you need help in modifying your CV/Resume as a result, please drop me a line and I will happily help.

Good Luck!

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