I want to be an actor!

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I want to be an actress

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Rose asks: I want to be an actress in movies. I am 13 how can i get into a movie? I have had some experience in theatre? How do I get noticed? I have been on websites but they have not helped. I want to pursue my dream as an actress but finding it very hard as I’m young. Any ideas on how to get into movies or tv or casting calls? Any info helpful.

In answer:
Having worked backstage in semi-pro theatre, and working as a recruiter, I hope you find the following useful:

  1. You are 13, so I hope you now see life in a more adult manner. You have to be realistic about your chances of becoming a professional actress – the odds are less than 1 in 250. So keep up your studying and have a few fall back/alternate options
  2. As you are less than 16, you need to accept that the law considers you a minor. Anything you do you need to have a responsible adult with you, and advise your parents or guardian of anything you are considering. Any responsible company or production will know these laws and rules, and have expected you to have thought about the how before they will audition you
  3. Don’t put your name on various websites. The bad one’s can be spotted by asking for a fee up front to register. A good and reputable agent will be registered, find you and charge a fee only on earnings

Accepting the above, if you are very committed you need to develop your skills in three areas: acting, dance and singing. Go and see your music and drama teachers, and ask for their advice. They will have good contacts with local theatre and musical groups, and can provide introductions. They may also suggest you need to do additional classes – some companies provide these via workshops for free, others expect a fee. If you do other hobbies, you may have to accept that due to time and money constraints, you have to give these up.

Once you have undertaken a few amateur productions, you will find that the people in your theatre company will make suitable introductions to agents and professional productions. This will then take you further, and you should make your ultimate goal that of joining a top national level school, such as RADA or the Julliard

If you look at the careers of your three favourite actresses, you will find that each of them has followed a similar path: acting, dance and singing/music lessons; local AmDram or Opera company; found by agent and then trained via top training college.

You can think yourself highly talented, but the truth is that even if talented the path is long, hard – and wholly proven on the how to make it to the top.

Good Luck!

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