If a company gives both an email address and a mailing address to send job applications to, which one is best to use?

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Malorie asks: If a company gives both an email address and a mailing address to send resumes to, which one is best to use? I am applying for a job and the company provided an e-mail address and a mailing address for resumes. I was wondering which one would be a better method, aside from the obvious benefit that an e-mail arrives much quicker. Also the ad asks for work samples with your resume, and I was wondering if I should send a short explanation of why each sample I am sending is relevant to the job. They are looking for someone with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign experience, so I was thinking of sending a short description of each project along with the work that says what programs were used in each, but I was told once that you shouldn’t put too much of a detailed description in a portfolio because A) they probably won’t read it and B) if they do read it, you will have less to talk about in an interview or portfolio review. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank You – Malorie

In answer:
Simple – look at the job: technology orientated, so technology orientated employer who gives you the option (its probably a mini hurdle/test); so your application should use the technology. It is one of the clearest cases of using technology over paper for a job application I have seen: the normal case is that paper still gives more effect/weight, but not in this case

With regards the samples – I wouldn’t send them. I would create an online portfolio showing off your work in the defined areas, and my even create a specific online section for that potential employer with the samples outlined with the explanations you suggest. The article here on the blog which refers to online CV/Resumes will show you some great examples of online designer portfolios, which is the way to address this requirement and stand out from the crowd

Good Luck!

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