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I Need A Job….

Hello, and thank you for coming to this web page. My name is Ian McAllister, and this is the story of the last six years of my life, and the product which I am about to launch called….

I Need A Job…. So Here’s How to Get One!

In background, after a 22year career in international telecoms, and after gaining my MBA spending 5 years in corporate financial review, I came back into the telecoms industry via the recruitment industry, which is where I still work now 6 years later.

There were two things as a former operational manager that struck me about the recruitment industry:

  1. That for an industry that dealt with and whose product was people, it generally treated them less well than frozen chickens in your local supermarket! A lot of good work and progress has been undertaken in the last 18months, with more large industry companies joining the industry body REC, but I still fundamentally assess the majority of the industry as I first did: the last bastion of the photocopier sales person!
  2. Why did we reject good job seekers?

It is in answering that second question, that has lead me through this six year journey.

My first answer was that gained through applying some basic systems analysis to the “market” of job seeking: what did the best do, and what did the worst do, in job seeking?

That quickly lead me to an obvious conclusion: the answer for many is not in their CV. Simply, one third of job applicants could be quickly rejected because they didn’t have the required competencies (HR person talk for a combination of skills, qualifications and experiences as required by that jobs Job Description); and another third were rejected because they could’nt communicate and hence confirm that they had the right competencies.

Now as an operational manager, that did not make sense on two levels:

  1. As a business, we were rejecting people who could do the job, because they couldn’t communicate
  2. As a human being, people couldn’t figure out what they had or communicate it

Investigating that question lead me to a conclusion: communication in job seeking goes beyond creating a CV, and following the defined job application process. After two years of simply banging my head against a brick wall – tracking and plotting different systems and their success of getting a job – a friend who is NLP trained laid the answer out to me in one word: RAPPORT! Simply, if you the job applicant doesn’t create rapport with the employer – specifically the Hiring Manager – then you won’t get the job:

  • However good your competencies are
  • However you communicate, ie however good your CV is
  • In whatever way you apply for that job

In looking back on how I answered this question, the answer as a recruiter was really starring me in the face. In the job interview, much as though I can on average like many good recruiters and head hunters get the answer right as to which job applicant my client will choose most of the time, I don’t get it right all of the time. What’s my ratio? Like many good recruiters and head hunters, bout 2/3rds, or 66%. This is because much as I make think candidiateA is better than candidateB, if the human chemistry – ie, the rapport – is wrong, then candidateA won’t get the job. Further, candidiateB won’t get the job if the chemistry is wrong there either, but as a good recruiter you line up different personalities with equal competencies to cover this option.

So what are my highs and lows of the last six years?

  • That the best job seeking system is a five step process. Most job seekers actually fail by jumping in half way through, or end up in a cycle of no-hope/wrong for them jobs, which simply then increase their rate of job turnover
  • That as a job applicant, you need to fulfil three criteria: technical fit; social fit; magnetic fit. Do all three and the job is yours
  • That the fundamental winning strategy for getting a job addresses two issues: puts you ahead of the competition; gets you close to the Hiring Manager
  • That there is a definative job seeking timeline:
  • 0-30days: you get used to your new lifestyle or choice. In applying for jobs, you learn what works and what doesn’t
  • 30-60days: your most effective period of job seeking. Your spirits are still high, and your technic is vastly improved
  • 60-90days: your spirits start to dwindle. Your rate of job application goes up in desperation, meaning that you apply for jobs that fundamentally you do not have the required competencies for. Hence your success ratio goes downwards….
  • After 90days of job seeking, your success ratio is lower than during your first 30day period, and yet you are probably applying for twice as many jobs. At this point, one third of job seekers will be clinically depressed
  • But, that applying the best job seeking principles allows even the most unsuccessful and depressed job seeker to get a job. The worst case I have dealt with was a chap who after three years of job seeking had applied for 2500 jobs, and was still unemployed. His ratio of telephone interviews was less that 1 per 100 jobs applied for. In 15days and after applying for 8 jobs, he got a new job in his desired sector.
  • That no matter what your background, anyone can get employed. An ex-convict who still had a tag asked me for help, having applied for 200 jobs without success. With two changes to his CV, he was employed after 3 more job applications

I don’t think job seeking is easy or fun. But simply, it can be, if you are successful in getting employment. The reason that it is not, is that it is a skill that you apply on an irregular basis: on average, once every 2.5years throughout your career. I hence coined a phrase:

I bet you buy carpet more often than you job search!

So knowing:

  • The best way for job seekers to get employed
  • That the whole answer to success was not in their CV, but also in their approach and hence creating rapport
  • That doing so in the first 90days of job search was the most likely period in which to successful gain employment
  • But that job search is a skill that is neither taught properly, nor a skill which is practised annually, let alone daily, by most job seekers….

I had to pose myself the question:

What is the best way that I could help job seekers?

With the 90day timeline at the front of my mind, I developed a product that I drafted under a title of “employed in 30days”, that would enable the average job seeker to stand a 90% chance of getting employed in 30days or less. On average, our current client who uses our Professional CV Service gets employed in 35.5 days.

But, the problem with that product is that its highly people reliant. Yes, there are lots of best practise learnt stuff that I have placed down in a series of eBooks, but its still highly reliant on me employing more people to get more job seekers employed. There had to be a better way.

A few years ago, I joined an Internet Marketing programme run by an Australian guy called Ed Dale – loves his family, guitars, and Apple computing products – who runs a “Make a dollar in 30day” programme on an annual basis, under the title the 30day challenge. My question therefore became, could I turn the principles of Ed’s course into an employment programme?

Hence, that programme is called I Need A Job ….. So Here’s How to Get One! It is our existing Professional CV Service, but automated. And in the trial runs so far, its more successful than the Professional CV Service in getting people employed quicker. I don’t know why, I guess its back to that human chemistry and rapport stuff.

The programme runs for 90days:

  • 0-30: 1+ lesson a day, delivered via eMail or online, that involves an instructional video plus instruction and work sheets
  • Day8: we deliver your new CV! I quickly came to the conclusion that showing people how to write a CV was a waste of time compared to the risks of that 90day depression timeline
  • 30-60: one eMail per 3days, plus human intervention
  • 60-90: one eMail per week, plus intensive human intervention

And, it works!

Now we will formally launch I Need A Job in early 2012, but in the mean time if you want to learn more or get employed quicker, here’s some options:

  • Get us to review your CV for free, via our free CV review service
  • Order our Professional CV Service (same price as I Need A Job will be launched at)
  • Join our newsletter service, and await the launch in early 2012:
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You are angels! My CV was been turned from a four page long and rambling life story to a job winning document - yes, I am now employed. I have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Barbara, HR Professional.

I am writing to thank you for your professional approach. Although successful in business, I realise now that a professional CV makes all the difference to gaining a job, however impressive my previous achievements are. I now have both a focused initial CV and a referenced and structured portfolio to back up my career achievements, which with a dynamic approach resultantly helped me to secure a number of interviews.
Graham, Divisional Managing Director.

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