Is it worth it to get your CV/resume professionally written?

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Andrew asks: I have had my CV/resume critiqued endlessly and I know that its not in the best condition possible. I wanted to get my resume professionally written. If anyone has gone through this route, can anyone shed some light on whether its worth it or not? And if it is, I would appreciate it if you could please recommend some of the resume service providers. Thanks a lot.

In answer:

I will answer this as a recruiter and the owner of a CV/resume writing service, and it’s a pretty simple answer – it depends!

If you can write, are capable of putting together all your skills, know what is required in the market, and can place on paper in a structure which communicates to the job your are applying for – and have around 6hrs spare over a week – then no you don’t need a professional CV/resume writer.

However, the statistics going through our recruitment company suggest that at least 30% of people can’t operate a spell checker, and over 50% are still using a modified version of something they left school with. This people are rejected on application, and that’s why we started a CV/resume writing service.

If you decide to tackle it yourself, there are many free resources which are available to you, including as others have suggested here friends, co-workers and many free CV/resume checking services: like many we provide one as part of our marketing.

Which ever route you choose, at the end of the day you always own your own CV/resume, so make sure you are happy with it.

Good Luck!

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