IT Jobs board?

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IT jobs board?

Chris, a systems analyst, asks: Do you know an IT job website that doesn’t involve going through employment or recruitment agencies? I am fed up of having to convince every agent I speak to that I can do the job – just want them to send off my Professional CV!

In answer:
I am a recruiter and operate an IT recruitment agency, but I do know what you mean.

IT Career options

Firstly, what type of IT career do you want next? Do you have the experience to do that job now at a competent level, or do you need further training or experience?

If you want a contract career, then agencies are your way forward. If you want a permanent career, but don’t yet have the experience, then you need to built that competency through contract positions, and hence – agencies are your way forward!

IT Recruitment agencies

All recruitment agencies are – mostly – very annoying. But to understand why you need to understand their commercial drivers.

They only take on new people to their books who fulfil roles they have right now. If you see a new role in four weeks, time, then you need to apply again. Once an agency takes you on, then they accept two things:

  1. You can do the job advertised
  2. You won’t let their brand down in front of their customer

Recruitment agencies have tighter sets of criteria for taking people on as opposed to employers, as if you let the customer down, then you jeopardise the agencies future income from that customer

IT Jobs

The only way an employer will take you on as a permanent employee at present is through being already experienced, and willing to accept a lower wage than that which you were earning 12months ago. There are enough good and capable people on the market right now who are seeking work, that employers have too much choice. Employers do advertise on job boards, and you can spot them over agencies – its just that at present there are five agency adverts for each employers advert.

I would suggest you keep spotting the job boards, and look out for a helpful contact at an agency. I always tell our CV clients to build a relationship with a few select agencies/recruiters, and not make yourself look like you are available to anyone at the right price. Also, sit down and create a list of 50 employers you might like to work for, then keep an eye on their website for jobs, or make an approach via an informational interview to see what they are like/have any opportunities.

Keep plugging away, you will get there, but it sounds like at present you are sounding to the agencies as too desperate and hence too much of a risk to put in front of their customers.

Good Luck!


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