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IT Jobs

Looks Promising ;-)

One of the most interesting sectors in which to work from a personal view point is IT. Apart from the fact my background is in IT and Telecommunications, IT Jobs are exciting because:

  • It is leading edge technology, which is still an expanding sector
  • This makes IT expensive, and resultantly there is a lots of money around IT
  • Hence, IT Job applicants need to be well qualified, and due to the length/cost of training and the criticality of the systems, well paid

If you are considering a career in IT, considering moving into IT, or are moving jobs within the IT sector, here is our personal guide to IT Jobs

Intro to IT Jobs

There are various jobs within IT, and not all of them require that you love technology or want to get your brain frazzled by writing a complex piece of code. Modern IT systems are business tools, and hence the business needs analysis as well the timely delivery of systems via professional project management are more key to new IT systems over the traditional IT systems skills

If these traditional skills do have an employer need today, it is in the maintenance of legacy systems. Companies and organisations are now into their third decade of IT operations, and so system improvement and development is more of the tune, over the buzz of something totally new. However, this creates an opportunity for those who may not have a degree level education, as the number of people who want to learn let alone maintain legacy systems dwindles.

The largest development in IT Jobs in the past decade has been that of systems outsourcing, where by the physical infrastructure and operations of the IT systems are turned into a managed outsourced contract, delivered via agreed service levels of uptime and performance improvement. This has elongated many careers of more experienced personnel, as their technology skills are replaced as the key earning factor by their operational skills, to ensure the contractor delivers the required services. Secondly, the move from box shifting to business agenda support has created the need to draft in new sales skills, where the old “prettier/faster/more lights” differentiation of technology has been replaced by business benefit analysis

Jobs in IT

The IT sector, being leading edge and high capital cost, requires some of the best brains on the planet. Not just to design hardware, software and systems, but also to install and maintain it. However, on analysis, it is often found that many in IT Jobs are also some of the most creative and innovational thinkers. The reason for this is quite simply that IT systems are designed with a particular solution in place, where as in an operational environment this sometimes needs to be stretched. On a system which being leading edge and complex, is unsurprisingly inherently unstable and resultantly unreliable. Add in the fact that much as though you may train end users at high cost, there is no accounting for the occasional moment of lapse.

Good and consistent employment in IT therefore requires a balance of two elements: consistent and up to date training; operational experience on the latest systems and technology

Entry level IT jobs

The modern entry level IT jobs are defined by training: a degree is an almost essential. However, if you failed your GCSE’s or blew your A-Levels, there entry level IT jobs and opportunities if you follow the BTEC/HND route via your local college for data technicians. Often, large regional firms will take you on to become part of their maintenance team, and train you up specifically in a particular set of technologies. Wages may start off at a lower level, but once in choose training which aligns you with the latest equipment and as a niche specialist your income level will quickly rise – possibly even above those graduates!

IT Sales Jobs

IT sales jobs have moved on now for over ten years from box shifting to business solutions: if you can’t SPIN sell or are adapt at solutions selling, then not many opportunities will exist. Often new entrants, if not from direct graduate trainee backgrounds, will come from a sector which involves a technology based appreciation: some of the most regular new entrants we place have backgrounds in mobile phone selling. Advanced level entrants will have business solutions sales backgrounds, and will simply be moving their transferable skills from one sector to IT Jobs: business consultant to IT Sales for instance.

IT Security Jobs

If you enjoy the technology, and are looking for a high income post in IT, then looks at one of the business related specialisations. Security is and will continue to be a hot issue, which requires a combination of both high technology knowledge, systems integration, business process flow on the one hand; as well as risk management and security compliance on the other. This combination of skills required by most IT Security Jobs is often best met by some experience on either side of the skill set, hence landing itself naturally to ex-forces personnel.

Consulting Jobs IT

IT Jobs naturally lend themselves to consulting, particularly now where change projects are both high risk, high skilled and often don’t once implemented require the same skills level for maintenance. We have written various articles on Contractor CV’s, but the key for an employer in engaging a contractor is that the experience shown is both directly applicable to their project; recent, and delivered on time and too budget. 80% of Consulting jobs IT are project and chnage management contracting, while the rest are focused on systems improvement.

UK IT Jobs

With the cost advantages of outsourcing, and the development in the number of UK based SME businesses, most UK based organisations now engage a systems procurement approach over a direct technology and team ownership. Most UK IT Jobs are therefore now either field based working for some of the major outsourcing organisations, or workshop based for the same companies. Much as though competition from India has effected remote desktop support posts, hardware maintenance and the boom in home computing thanks to the rollout of UK wide ADSL based broadband, has increased the requirement for field based technicians. With this in mind, JobCentre+ provide excellent entry level courses for those looking for an entry level position into IT Jobs from other sectors, certified to a suitable national level qualification.


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