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IT Project Management

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Elie, a systems programmer for an insurer, asks: I’m looking to expand my skills at Project Management and Team Leading. There is a certification, PMP (Project Management Professional) that I can get, but I’m not sure if I want to get the designation. Can you recommend a book or set of articles that can provide me with some general ideas about what is involved in Project Management, some general techniques, etc? Also, I may want to take a small set of courses online or by mail, can anyone recommend a program that I can look into?

In answer:
There are many ways to become a Project Manager, but since the mid-90’s the profession has expanded in number of associations due to the commercial need to manage implementation on time, at best cost and lowest risk.

The answer as you have set yourself is to set a goal, which should be a balance between experience and certification/qualification – the balance is key in a Project Management CV/resume. For most project mangers the certification – particularly in IT – is Prince2. PMP is catching it up, but if you want a passport to (almost) continual employment, Prince2 is it. I do see client requirements with PMP written on them more, but almost all require Prince2. The simple reason for this is that most commercial underwriters understand what Prince2 is, but not many yet accept PMP as an alternative when under writing insurance.

Prince2 is available as a 10day course at high cost, or one year course at lower course. As you work in insurance, I couldn’t see a problem getting the qualification written into your Personal Development Plan and having it at least in part underwritten.

Good Luck!

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In response:
Thanks for the information. I don’t think I’ve heard of Prince2 before. According to what information I can find, it seems like it would wind up costing about the same as a PMP certification, but their qualification for the training is a lot simpler.

Elie Kochman


In answer:

The reason PMP is cheaper is because the employers generally don’t want it. Prince2 is expensive because employers require it, and hence trainers can charge for it at a premium. A Prince2 qualification has a pay back of between 3 and 9months – PMP is over 18months, if it is recognised.

Never think about any qualification in terms of ease of getting it. Think about it in terms of Return on Investment – RoI. Does it take you where you want in your career, and when you have it will it pay you back?

Good Luck!

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