I’ve been fired – how do I put this on my CV/Resume?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 - CV Writing

Joe asks: I was fired from my last job after 3 months (not my fault and I found out the company fired 6 employees before me in 1 year). I am presently seeking legal advise from a good employment law attorney that can give guidance on resolution. However, I did learn a lot – is there anyway I can put the experience on my CV/Resume?

In answer:
Yes, you need to place it at present on your CV/Resume. Most employers now employ checking services, which would find this period and investigate it. Leaving it off will need to be explained more/cause more damage than putting it on your CV/Resume and explaining it in an interview. Once five years has past, you could leave it out via a summary of career to that point.

Secondly, until it is resolved – and your current need for employment lawyers in NY suggests it is not – that it will highly limit your immediate employment opportunities. Few employers would employ some who is presently in an unresolved conflict with a previous employer.

Once the conflict is resolved, the way to tackle it in your interview is whether you were head hunted, approached by a recruiter or applied to an open advert? In the first two cases, it would tend to suggest a bigger mistake on the part of the employer than you; the later is more difficult to handle and would result in heavy probing of your ambitions, career path and motivation. What and which ever the answer, thinking through the answers to each scenario will enable a better chance of future employment.

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