Job Application Addresses

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Job Application Addresses

Terrazzo address

When you are writing a CV, or completing a Job Application, do you think about how you might enter your address?

Of course not! You just tap in the house number, street address, town and postcode. But you do have options, and they could affect both your security, as well as your ability to get the job you want!

Personal security

The first element to think about with regards your address, particularly with regards your CV, is personal security. In a study undertaken by the Metropolitan Police, it was found that 20% of job applicants left enough details in their CV and job application for their ID to be replicated

There is no need on a CV to include your full street address. As long as you have a contact point – which could be a mobile phone or eMail, and a location for where you currently reside – there is no need to include your full address. I always suggest that job applicants leave out at minimum their house number, as every recruiter or HR professional if they find your CV interesting will pick up the phone and talk to your as their action: so why include your house number?

Postal address

Sometimes, people don’t – for very good reasons – want to give away even their own home street address. It is not unusual to be moving at the same time as job hunting, or may be you are just cautious on personal security. You need to have an address point, so look at using mailboxes, provided by a reputable supplier, such as the Post Officeof DHL/Mailboxes etc

Employment and addresses

One of the most common reasons for job applicant rejection, is that often an employer will have a view on the suitability of an address of a job applicant. For instance, you happen to live on the other side of town, or in another town, and they decide its too difficult a commute/too far away. Best practise is to exclude the area (eg, Notting Hill) and postcode, and just include your street and the town or city (eg: Smith Street, London). Unless of course being on their doorstep suits your job application, in which case include the area!

eMail address

Most people these days have eMail address, and if you are a job seeker without one then you need to quickly rectify that. Hotmail, gMail and various other providers will happily give you a free eMail address.

However, if you already have an eMail address, perhaps you should think about changing it? Often, people register what can only be called a “cool with their mates” eMail address, which in a pub would seem very trendy or funny. However, much as though beer-hound-27 sounds very good in a pub, it is a reason for rejection in a job application. I have seen worse, and I have seen very sexually orientated eMail addresses from both men and women – honestly, your job application killed in the first three lines of your CV! So if you think your eMail address may be taken as a joke by a potential employer, get a new clean fresh one.

There is a secondary reason for getting a new eMail address. Apart from not using your present work email address, it also means that it is more difficult for recruiters and HR professionals to find your Social Media footprint. If your eMail address is over 12months of age, then an eMail address search will give a clue as to who you are and what you do. A fresh new free email address for your job application will avoid this problem.

If you are unsure about a format, and all variations on your first name/last name have been used, then add a number over another word. Don’t use your year of birth, but don’t use somethign either which is random.

Telephone contact

I always recommend that job seekers get a new pay as you go mobile phone. With the new mobile phone directory coming into operation in July 2009 in the UK, again issues of back search/.finding come into play. But the greatest reason is simply security – you are safer, and you know any call on that phone is job related and hence important

Full postal addresses

The only time in any job search you should include your full contact address – it need not be your home address – is on the employers Job Application form. As opposed to your CV, this is a legal document, and as it will be covered by the Data Protection Act, you know your details are safe and secure

Good Luck!

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