Job Application: employer direct

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Job Application: employer direct

Death Star Visits Green Mars

As a recruiter, of course I would always prefer that as a job seeker you come to me over going to an employer to find a job. I get paid a fee for vetting out the unsuitable job applications, and reduce the time an employer takes to fill a job.

But I actually make more money in hard to fill positions, and employers are making more use of new Social Media. So more job seekers and potential employees are going direct: our are they?

Job application: jobs boards

Many job seekers find that the job they thought they were ideally qualified for in actual fact is advertised by a recruiter. In fact, in a recent straw poll, I found over 60% of the jobs on a well known jobs board were recruiter advertised over employer direct.

As I have said before, recruiters have tighter tolerances and a different view to an employer over who could fulfil a position. While both have the same core brief and view:

  • Employers – are happy to accept less than ideal qualified candidates who could become a long term employee
  • Recruiters – think as much about their future income as they do about the ability for the candidate to deliver results from day1.

Hence, many job seekers find if they apply via job boards to what are often recruiter advertised posts, they are rejected.

Job Application: quick

How do you solve this job seeking problem? Go direct, and try to avoid the jobs boards! One reason that so many jobs end up advertised on jobs boards is the cost of collecting CV’s for future roles, or those skills which know the market is short off. Jobs boards don’t do themselves any favours by competing on price, and hence the cost of that ideal job advert you see could be as low as zero to the recruiter/employer! Job boards often offer special deals for either new clients or repeat posts, and hence the effective cost of advertising could be zero.

When the cost is zero, you can see how 60% of jobs on a jobs board end up as recruiter adverts.

Job Application: employer direct

In example:
David, a part-qualified financial planner, asks: How do I find jobs direct with employers without going through recruitment agencies? I am fed up with being rejected. can you tell me where I can find many finance jobs where I do not have to go through recruitment agencies and can submit my CV for jobs directly to the employer?

In answer:
The key here is to make a direct job application to the employer and have a conversation, over using an anonymous internet process in which you will will be rejected.

Firstly, do some research. Define the job you want/are skilled for, and the geography in which you wish to work. Then – and here’s the useful use for job boards in a job search – see how many of those types of jobs you can find posted. less than 20, and you need to widen your job specification or geography.

Once you find your job search is possible, now make a list of target employers. Use free resources like, Kelly’s Directory and your local newspaper: spot for the job adverts or read the business section. From this you need a list of around 50 potential employers.

Now go to the websites of each listed employer and see if they have an employment section. If they have posts advertised, then don’t fall back into the anonymous job seekers trap, by applying online. Either call first using a Telephone Interview technique called the Informational Interview, or even better attend some local networking events for the local professional society, in your case an IFA society or group.

If you can not make contact this way, either because you are remote, then see if you can use Social Media to make an online inside contact via a website like LinkedIn.

Going direct to employers make a lot of sense.

Good Luck!


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