Job application references – can I use my LinkedIn recommendations?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 - Uncategorized

Eric asks: Is it legal and professionally acceptable to use recommendations from your LinkedIn Profile in your resume/CV?

In answer:
Not necessary, unethical, and not best practise.

Not necessary because it would make your CV/Resume too long. Ideally each reference should be on a separate piece of paper addressed to that potential employer, or a generic “to whom it may concern” on the referencing parties letter headed paper.

Unethical, because you should ask each referee first before each job application in which you propose to use their name before you send the application.

Best practice would be to call each referee first before each job application, and get them on message about this job. Never send a potential employer in on a blind referee: the referee may not work there any more!

Candidates need to recognise the difference between online generic profiles, and CV/Resumes which are focused on a job application. My blog on this article should show you the difference.

Good Luck!

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