Job Application – should I phone the employer/agency?

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Should I phone?

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Simon asks: I applied for a job there, sending in my CV last Friday, and I was told by my source that the agency would be holding interviews from the 25th April-27th May. However, it’s appeared on their website that they filled the position the day after I sent my CV in- the 18th April. I’m confused… how could they have filled it before interviews? And should I still phone to follow up my CV, since they didn’t respond to it?

In answer:
At present, employers and agencies are flooded with applicants – so saying the vacancy is filled just turns the tap off. However, some recruitment agencies also file “ghost” jobs with certain job boards, just so they can CV skim good candidates – and internal HR departments of some employers now also use the same tactic.

Lets assume that this wasn’t a “ghost” vacancy, and that the position is running to the original time scale. It is normal for any company to say that the position is already filled up if they have short listed a number of applicants.  Usually the company advise you by phone, letter, or send you an SMS when you are scheduled for an interview

Lets assume that this wasn’t a “ghost” vacancy, and that the position is running to the original time scale.

I always tell candidates to get feed back when they are rejected, by calling the employer. The reason is simply that:

  1. You confirm your suspicions, but if it is filled you ask if there is another position that is open
  2. You get valuable feedback
  3. Within the first three months, 1/10 employees will have left the company on average

Hence, applicants who call in will:

  • Improve their next application through hearing feedback
  • Kept on the companies records for later vacancies
  • Stand a chance of getting an opportunity from someone else walking away later.

Always ask for feed back, and always call to do that

Good Luck!

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