Job Application: Unpaid Wages and HMRC!

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Job Application: Unpaid Wages and HMRC!

HM Revenue & Customs

Penelope, a shop worker, asks: What should I do? Should I put this on my CV? I worked six months for a shop. The guy in the end wasn’t paying taxes and stole my money. I found out that he hadn’t even registered his company with the revenue so there is no record of my having worked there, so I am presently taking him to the small claims court. I have had another job since then, but the problem is I am applying for other jobs now, so do I put that work experience down or not? I am thinking:

  • If I put him down, they will ask for a reference (they always ask for the last two places) and then I have to explain why I can’t give a reference
  • If I take him off, it looks like I was unemployed for over a year. I took a break before and after getting that job so that accounts for 5months of unemployment, and then without that position on the CV it looks like a year

What should I do? Thanks

In answer:
Sorry to hear about all of your problems, but glad that they are heading towards resolution. I would normally suggest that you leave job applications well alone until you have resolved former employment or personal issues. But there is always the exception to the rule, and in this case you have actually worked since.

The simple answer is: put down the employment on your CV – that’s the fact, that’s the truth. Explain your role, what you did/achieved – and leave it at that. No recriminations, and no need for explanations in your CV.

If you are asked about the position in your job interview, explain in very straight language what happened, and what the current situation is – i.e., it is heading to resolution. Then explain that’s why you changed job so quickly, and hence why you check out potential employers as cautiously as they check you out.

I also don’t think technically that you need to sue him in the Small Claims Court. Just report him to HMRC to do it for you if he provided you with pay slips showing tax and NI deductions. The fact he showed tax and NI deductions and didn’t submit them to HMRC is fraud, and is often followed by an arrest and some time in jail: ouch!

Good Luck!

Penelope’s response:
I guess honestly is the best policy. He has been reported to HMRC, but as was recommended by the commissioner, I still need to take him to small claims as he hasn’t paid me money he owes me.


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