Job I interviewed for still unfilled, best approach for follow up?

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 - Job Application, Job Application Rejection, job hunting, Job Interview

Melissa asks: I interviewed for a position in June (its now August), and did not hear anything. While browsing the company website I see that the position in still posted on their website as unfilled. I realize that there’s a chance that the site was not updated. What is the best way to approach to show that I’m still interested?

In answer:
There could be a whole bunch of internal issues as to why the post is not yet filled, from budget cuts to just a plain and simple external benchmarking exercise.

But in this case, lets just focus on you. Did you hear anything in follow up to your interview, or did you follow-up and then chase the contact (be that HR or a recruiter), for feedback?

Some time has passed now, so lets safely assume you didn’t get the job – the only reason to follow up is hence for interview feedback. Write them a nice simple letter, saying that you assume you didn’t get the position, but would appreciate as you have not heard from them feedback on both the skill set who did fill the post, and interview feedback for you. That way, if the position is filled, you know who and why – and if not, the possibility exists that you could still be offered another post with that company.

It is always best to follow up post an interview within a week, not by telephone but by letter or eMail. Always say thank you and ask for interview feedback, as that it is neutral and communicative ground for both parties.

Good Luck!

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