Job Interview Hair Styles

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Job Interview Hair Styles


Job Interviews are about two things:

  1. Confirming you have the applicable skills you claim to have in your CV/resume
  2. Showing you will socially fit in with the organisation

Confirm – not necessarily complete – those two issues, and the job is yours: easy.

But, you would be amazed and shocked what sometimes happens in the interview room, regularly. Or what questions are asked regularly by what would seem to be sensitive human beings, who at that time also happen to be job applicants preparing for an interview.

Dressing for a Job Interview

The simple answer is, dress conservatively. Yes, it might seem stiff, boring, etc, but – once dressed conservatively, you can always dress down. A jacket hangs nicely on a chair, and gets a tie is easy to undo – not the same advice to ladies please re blouse buttons!

For instance, what about interview hairstyles? To me, it doesn’t matter if you have hair or not, its just that is needs to be clean and in a business format style. Yes, that can include conservative coloured dye’s, and even gels – just nothing in which there are any acute anglesĀ  or more than five colours, none of which is available from BiC as a highlighter pen colour.

In example, take the following:

David, a business studies graduate asks: I love to style my hair in crazy ways, but can’t find a job because of it. Do you know of a job in business that lets me do that? I’m nuts for crazy hair styles and love having people look at me for it, but potential employers don’t like it at all. Now I would like to know if you know of ANY jobs where the employers would endure or even encourage it? Help me please!

In answer:
So, you want to be a hairdresser then?

You don’t state what type of work it is you want to do, but I am guessing that its not arty or creative.

Employers look for: functional fit (you have the required skills), and social fit (you will fit in with their team/culture). Hence, going for an “office job” with wacky hair means rejection – yes, it is that simple! Many employers have “fit for customer” clauses in their contracts now, which don’t/can’t say you must have neat hair, but if your overall style doesn’t match their corporate image you can get sacked.

Decide what comes first: fulfilling your life doing the job you want, or keeping your hair. If the hair is the answer, look at jobs where the hair is normal/an asset: creative, arty, design, etc. Be aware that even in those circles, your hair style could still be too wacky – style at extreme has a Marmite effect on all. If the career is the answer, then lose the hair under some dark hair dye in a flat style for a day or two – you know it will be worth it.

Good Luck!


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