Job Interview: test and presentation

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Job Interview test and presentation


James, a job seeker, asks: I have an interview tomorrow, any advice? I have been unemployed for a while (5 months) finally I have an interview tomorrow (I had three last week but no reply). The job is SEO (search engine optimazation) they also give me a link of a website and asked me to come tomorrow and come with some ideas, what would I do to improve the rankings and overall quality of the website. I checked the website and, to be honest there isn’t much to be done, so what should I say – any advice?

In answer:
Hmm – that’s not the answer to get the job!

What’s the question they are really asking? Is it about on page SEO; or is it about how your brain works and thinks, filters options and communicates the ideas/answers? Simply, its about the later.

This is a brain storming question: what could be done? How extensive is your thought process (hence why its set before rather than within the job interview: this is not a pressure exercise); and how far does your experience extend with the options you come up with? (I did X on XYZ site, and it got % more hits/conversions). Its also a communications exercise (learn to at least SPELL “optimization” correctly!)

When an employer asks you to prepare an answer that they want you to present in a job interview, think: what do they want to see evidence of? Think about the real question they are asking, and the answer becomes clear.

Good Luck!


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